Hyundai Plans 10-Speed Transmissions, 50 MPG CAFE Rating

Hyundai Plans 10-Speed Transmissions, 50 MPG CAFE Rating

At today’s Michigan tech briefing, Hyundai announced plans for new transmissions, including a 10 speed automatic, and ambitious fuel economy targets.

Hyundai claimed that a 10 speed automatic would be part of their overall strategy for 2016 through 2020, along with cylinder deactivation. Even more enticing, Hyundai confirmed that a dual clutch transmission would be offered shortly, in conjunction with a new 1.6L engine, and strongly hinted that this package would appear on their upcoming Veloster sports car.

Hyundai also affirmed their commitment to achieving a 50 MPG CAFE rating for the year 2025. Sounds impressive, but that figure is only about 37 mpg when measured by traditional EPA standards, so it’s not all that astounding.

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  • There was a time that few of us BELIEVED Hyundai would achieve their goals and get to the table. It’s clear now, after seeing the transformation of the Sonata into 3 game-changing packages, that Hyundai is the real-deal. Perception is the only hinderance in Hyundai’s dominance of the foreign automakers.

  • Mark

    8 speeds, 9 speeds, 10 speeds. What is this, a ****-measuring contest? People complain that current 6 speed autos are constantly hunting for the correct gear at different speeds, throttle positions and grades – I can only imagine how annoying this thing would be to drive…

  • Manly Auto

    This sounds great. I would love a car that got 50 mpg. Who wouldn’t?

  • Derek Kreindler


    10 years ago if someone told you that a family sedan or a V6 Mustang would be closing in on nearly 300 horsepower, you would probably scoff, but here we are…

  • Mark

    @ Derek

    Sure, but I fail to see how horsepower relates to a 10 speed automatic transmission. I suppose this is the great length you have to go to in order to keep engines running below 2000 rpms at all cruising speeds, therefore saving fuel. I still say it’s going to be damn annoying to drive one. On the other hand, it’s never been annoying to drive a car with more power.

  • Teee

    There are so many high class luxury car have more than 7-speed, ZF is making nine speed as well.  The new technology of gear transmission can be skipped from 1 to 3 instance something like that.  New technology is very difference now-a-day. More gear mean less RPM cruising, make car more quiet and save gas.