2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Tipped for New York Auto Show Debut

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 Tipped for New York Auto Show Debut

With the debut of the all new Dodge Charger SRT8 at the Chicago Auto Show this week, rumors are already starting to swirl about the next high-powered model to come from the Chrysler group. And the reports point to a new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

No solid details are available, but it’s certain to get the new 6.4-liter V8 from the Charger with a solid 465-hp and 465 lb-ft of torque delivering a mid 4.0 second 0-60 mph time. Along with some more aggressive bodywork and a custom interior, also look for a lowered suspension (possibly an adaptive setup), as well as some big wheels, tires and massive brakes.

With the new Durango R/T model having just been unveiled and priced at $35,000 expect the SRT8-Jeep to easily clear the $40,000 mark.

[Source: WK2Jeeps via MotorAuthority]

  • Saul sanchez

    hi i was wanting to know 3 things
    what is the gas mileage?
    what is the vehicle weight?
    when will it be out on the market?

  • max

    i hope the 2012 jeep srt8 will beat BMW x6m on performance and speed and also its sound system.

  • Ron

    “a mid-4.0 0-60”?????? Man, I hope not!! the current 420hp jeep srt8 does that!! I sure hope this one can do 12’s in the quarter, and better than 4.5 to 60!

  • natassja

    saul, the vehicle weight is around 53000 lbs. and to max, you hope but it wont come near the performance of an x6m. and when the new ml comes out, it’s gonna be almost as fast as the x6m .so just be happy beating the trailblazer ss for now and save your money and buy those german monsters.

  • natassja

    this new srt8 gains 50hp but also gains 600 lbs in the process. so it is gonna be the same, or it’s gonna be a little slower. it always comes down to wieght to power ratio and to me this vehicle is nonsense and a show of american ignorance and over indulgence. 12mpg is obscene unless you’re driving a worktruck.

  • eric s.

    natassja, you dont know what your talking about. it gains 40hp not 50hp. old one is 425hp. new one is 465hp. torque is the power. which it gains 45lbs. of torque. from 420lbs. to 465lbs. although it wont be a big gain in power, it is a far better built jeep. also bmw x6m cost how much more $? $10k-$20k more! it also has turbo or supercharger on it. jeep is naturally aspirated which makes for stronger engine. if jeep put a supercharger on it, it would blow the doors off the bmw! also better gas milage with fuel saving tech on it. shuts down 4cyl. while cruising. it will get probably 19/20 mpg w/new 7-speed trans. old jeep doesnt have. also new adaptive lowered suspension adjustable. new reclining rear seats. new 8.4″ touchscreen garmin 500watt amp 9 speaker/woofer system. the new list goes on and on. all this and price will not be more than old jeep srt8. do your research natassja before you speak!

  • eric s.

    correction. old one had 420hp. so gains 45hp. also natassja what is nonsense is for you to spend $10k-$20k more for u to gain maybe at tops .5 seconds faster. and if u have driver error, i will beat you in a race! on top of that, does that x6m get 20mpg? does it have a adjustable lowered suspension? you wanna talk about ignorance! i think you are buying just for the name brand! bmw,mercedes benz. yes, they are really nice top notch vehicles. but is it worth all the money to get it if you have another top notch vehicle that is way less money? you need to really look at this new 2012 jeep cherokee srt8. it is way for better than old one. i think it has really closed the gap on bmw x and mercedes ml. just check it out before you buy a expensive benz or bmw.

  • mike m.

    eric, youre wrong. old one has 425. but your right bout everything else

  • Crazy Magic

    any and all people that are concerned about the grand cherokee srt8 and fuel economy are complete asses.. your an idiot to think anything other than performance and utility.. that is all this vehicle is about.. pull your head out of your ass and get a grip.. nobody buying this type of vehicles gives a shit about gas mileage.. get real.. if your worried about mpg buy a honda fit or toyota prius to carry your dumb ass around.. yea i said it.. it needed to be said.. ” when you’ve got to much.. you’ve always enough”..

  • Action_Jackson

    Crazy Magic haha you are correct my friend.

  • Antonio

    check out the new 2012 silverado 427 ss

  • Mlarco52

    @natassja and @eric s

    The new 2012 jeep is 470 hp with 470 tq…also yes it MAYBE weigh a little more but the newly redesigned all wheel drive system allows for even better grip and less slippage then the previous srt8 jeeps system…the new one will features the 5 speed automatic not a 7 speed…and the jeep srt8 price is roughly 43-45k? while the bmw x5m has a price of approx 88k…which is literally double the price of the jeep…the entire building of the new jeep srt8 was done testing it against the x5m (pictures are out there for proof) and when it is released on april 20th at the NY auto show it will take the platform again as the worlds fastest SUV…hands down

    oh and before suggesting for people to buy those “german beasts” consider the fact that spending double the dollar for a suv that does not come even close to being double the “SUV” as a jeep srt8

    40-45k more…buy yourself a corvette on the side…

  • omarr

    when will the new 2012 srt8 jeep be available to purchase ?

  • chevyboy909

    I dont think chevy will produce the 427 ss they are idiots im sure there will be a lot of people who want a single cab with power… Something competitive with the ford lightning and also for their supercharged harley davidson!!!