Baldwin Motion Camaro SS Tuning Kits Deliver Up to 800-HP

Baldwin Motion Camaro SS Tuning Kits Deliver Up to 800-HP

Baldwin Motion is looking to benefit from the resurgence of Chevy‘s new Chamaro, launching five different models with horsepower figures ranging anywhere from 525-hp to 800-hp, all based on the Camaro SS. Dubbed the “Fantastic Five”, the base model is SS-427, next up is the Phase III 427 then the SS-454, Phase III 454 and last but not least, the Phase III 427-SC.

Following the naming designation, each Camaro SS is powered by either GM’s LS7 427 powerplant or their LSX 454 engine. Hit the source to see specs on each and every model, but it’s worth highlighting the Phase III 427-SC that takes the Camaro SS to an impressive 800-hp. Baldwin Motion supercharges a fully built GM’s LS7 427 engine with a 2.8L twin-screw supercharger.  The heads are also completely redone with a custom Redline R3-SC blower camshaft to up high-end horsepower.

Baldwin Motion doesn’t just focus on the horsepower, installing Brembo six-pistons front brakes and four-pistons rear brakes. On the outside custom Motion painted striping, wheels accompany Phase III-SC’s hood and rear spoiler. The front end has also been swapped out for a much more aggressive piece.

Lastly, the interior also receives front and rear seat accents with embroidered headrests with a carbon fiber finish

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