Jay-Z Edition Jeep Commander Was Almost a Real Thing

Jay-Z Edition Jeep Commander Was Almost a Real Thing

Jay-Z and Chrysler nearly inked a deal on a Jay-Z Edition Jeep Commander, which would have featured 22-inch chrome wheels, a unique shade of blue paint, and a digital entertainment system filled with the rapper’s entire discography.

The slow-selling Commander would have been in Jay-Z’s own favorite color with a cream-colored interior, according to Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went from Street Corner to Corner Office by Forbes Magazine editor Zack O’Malley Greenburg. But Chrysler executives pulled out at the last minute, concerned over Jay-Z’s nefarious past and the idea that rappers aren’t as clean cut as, say, Ricardo Montalban.

Chrysler later killed the Commander quietly, but not before introducing a slew of Dub Edition 300Cs and attempting to recapture their hip-hop cred with Snoop Dogg—who actually killed a man—and Lee Iacocca, who merely killed the K-Car. And, of course, we haven’t heard any complaints from Eminem.

As Jay-Z said it best himself: “baby I’m a boss, I dunno what they do, I don’t get dropped, I dropped the label.”

[Source: Jalopnik]