Jeep Hopes To Sell 125,000 Cars Per Year In Europe By 2014

Jeep Hopes To Sell 125,000 Cars Per Year In Europe By 2014
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Jeep is launching an ambitious campaign in Europe to boost sales eight-fold by 2014, with a new premium small SUV helping to lead the way.

The next generation Jeep Compass is expected to debut around 2014, and will be based on the same platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and the Compass will also share DNA with a new Alfa Romeo crossover. The Jeep will be able to move upmarket, and position itself against compact SUVs from premium European brands. A diesel engine will also be offered, and is considered an essential part of the Jeep sales plan.

Currently, Jeep sells about 15,000 vehicles in Europe, making their target highly ambitious. Even Land Rover only manages to move about 75,000 trucks a year in the region. Jeep hopes to clear this hurdle by bringing out an all-new product lineup, including a revised, diesel powered Liberty (sold as the Cherokee), a Grand Wagoneer based on the current Grand Cherokee, and an updated Wrangler. Lancia stores will also become partnered with Jeep, giving the brand some 800 outlets to sell their wares.

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