Lamborghini Owner Has Car Destroyed to Protest Dealer Service [Video]

Lamborghini Owner Has Car Destroyed to Protest Dealer Service [Video]

Yesterday news broke of a disgruntled Lamborghini owner in China, who hired a crew of blue-costumed laborers to destroy his prized car in protest.

The Gallardo in question was wrecked on World Consumer Rights Day, after Lamborghini couldn’t get the car to run properly.

We’re sure Lambo is getting the point with all this bad publicity, even if it hardly reflects well on the owner.

Initial photos of the Lambo-smash hit the web yesterday, but now we’ve got the video!

See the destruction after the jump:

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  • Chris J.

    Damn.. they hit like girls

  • Quinn McNamara

    You know why they’re not putting much effort into it? Because they’re surprised it takes so much effort to destroy a car. (Those blows would crush a made-in-China vehicle).

  • Aaron

    They’re using very small sledges, so it isn’t surprising the lack of damage. They’re there to make a point, but you must also consider the fact they are waving hammers in the street and breaking off chunks of sharpnel. They could have set it on fire or put a bomb in it if they really felt like destroying it with complete disregard to the safety of others.

  • Seriously?? CHINA beating up something because it isn’t good quality?? Hey pot, this is the kettle!!