Hyundai Overtakes Honda, Toyota for Top Spot in New Brand Loyalty Study

Hyundai Overtakes Honda, Toyota for Top Spot in New Brand Loyalty Study

Kelley Blue Book announced today that Hyundai has taken the number 1 spot in brand loyalty, beating out Honda and Toyota, on for Q2 2011. Automakers have struggled recently to retain loyal customers due to the economic downturn and consumers becoming more aware of issues such as fuel prices and safety recalls.

Hyundai has remained successful through aggressive marketing campaigns combined with innovative product redesigns like the successful Sonata and Elantra. In the second quarter of 2011, Hyundai’s brand loyalty was at 52.3 percent while Honda followed with 49.7 percent and Toyota came in third at 47.7 percent. Kia and Mini are the only two brands that have gained loyalty year-over-year, thanks to attractive redesigns and additional models within their respective lineups coupled to aggressive marketing campaigns.

“Hyundai’s product renaissance is benefitting the company not just by attracting an all-new customer base, but by helping them to retain current loyal Hyundai owners, as well,” said Arthur Henry, market intelligence manager for Kelley Blue Book.  “This latest brand loyalty analysis from is a testament to the power of attractive vehicle designs and intriguing marketing in the minds of in-market car shoppers as they consider their next vehicle.”

  • Collision of Souls

    Like we didn’t see this coming. Great products, one after the other from Hyundai, and complacency and same ole from the entrenched establishment. Hyundai will spurn these old boy’s to get their act together. Maybe.

    We all need a change of thinking.