Toyota FT-86 (Scion FR-S): Exciting New Details

Toyota FT-86 (Scion FR-S): Exciting New Details

As the official launch of the Toyota FT-86 approaches this Fall, details about the final production version of what is easily the most highly anticipated car of the year are starting to slip out. The details come from Moto Miwa, the founder of Club4AG, a site dedicated to the AE86 (the car that inspired the FT-86), after a conversation with Chief Engineer Tada-san and having seen what he claims is the final production version of the upcoming sports car.

Miwa’s fanaticism is hard to ignore, and so as much as we want to take his word for it, we’ll take a grain of salt with all the Koolaid he’s been drinking.

Described as “basic” and “pure” but not cheap, Miwa says it’s as revolutionary as the Datsun 510, the BMW 2002, the VW Beetle, the ’65 Mustang and the Honda CRX.

The design is said to be closer to the original FT-86 Concept, with a few details from the Scion FR-S Concept. It will look identical in all markets, apart from different badging – with the U.S. market model sold as the Scion FR-S.

Under the hood the boxer 4-cylinder has reportedly been almost entirely redesigned and shares nothing but its opposed cylinder layout with the Subaru version. Yahama engineers were involved in the development of the engine.

To ensure this car lives up to the hype Toyota employed its best engineers, including some who worked on the original AE86, as well as on the MR2 and Prius. Lessons from the LFA program were implemented and even engineers from Subaru’s WRC and STI divisions got involved.

Miwa describes how the car was built with tuners and racers in mind, with spaces near the dash so a roll cage can be installed while keeping the dash intact. The engine mounts and space under the hood will also make for an easy swap of a turbocharged Subaru boxer engine, should you want to go that route. (This detail has been confirmed to AutoGuide by a Scion insider).

“Never before, has such low-cost niche-car seen so much research, so much development budget, and resourced with so many talents,” says Miwa, who then quotes Tada-san, who describes the FT-86 as a car endorsed by Akio Toyoda and designed by passion, not a committee.

And as much hype as the FT-86 has received so far, the reality will be better promises Miwa. “This car will ROCK YOUR WORLD” he says, “I will bet my soul on it.”


Scion FR-S 04.JPGScion FR-S 09.JPGScion FR-S 16.JPGScion FR-S 07.JPGScion FR-S 06.JPGScion FR-S 15.JPG

[Source: Club4AG]

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  • Rob

    Wow was just looking at the gorgeous pics and what a beautiful car this Scion FRS will be!! The forums will be huge for this car.

  • Giuseppi

    Enthusiasts are going to go nuts for this car. It can’t go on sale soon enough!

  • Moto

    Amazing how fast things spread on the internet these days. LOL! Thank you for sharing my writing.

  • Ray

    “designed by passion, not a committee” (found in the article) says a lot about the FR-S. Finally us enthusiasts are getting a car that’s really tuner friendly!

  • Paul

    I really like this FR-S !!!

  • SlidingSideways

    How balanced is it for drifting? Is it as light and balanced as a Silvia? Will the wheel-base allow for better drifting or will be more “drift-heavy” like a Supra which is designed more for straight line speed? Will they offer a black/white model so this generation can have its “Panda” but the ideas seem really good but it’s all going to boil down on actually driving it? How expensive of a car is this going to be to make a daily/drifter? Is the engine pretty much designed for tunerheads so it can still go under regular insurance if you want it to?

  • cesar ortega

    please Toyota dont bring it as a Scion, where is the love to the Toyota symble and to be proud of it. I would buy it buy I will be downgrading me to buy a Scion… Sorry Toyota Scion tc to me is the worse idea you ever had.


    “The engine mounts and space under the hood will also make for an easy swap of a turbocharged Subaru boxer engine, should you want to go that route.”

    Who the heck buys a new car to do an engine swap?

    Why the he!! don’t they offer the turbo motor from the dealership?

  • Adil Alsuhaim

    Bring back the Celica! People have nostalgia for names like Celica, AE86, etc.. Scion is an ugly name and an ugly badge.

  • Adil Alsuhaim

    I mean calling this car a Scion is like a Saturn badge on a Corvette or Camaro!

  • Bert

    First of all the toyota namesake is garbage these days. Toyota has not done performance like they used to in fact of the Japanese three only Nissan retains any level of sports car heritage in their current line up and not just as a way to make more money. The 370z is designed and built because of the motorsports passion that comes from many among their development staff. This is just another ploy to make money by the greedy corporation that is toyota. The last true performance car from Toyota was the MR-2. In there factory forms toyota cars have been lame since the end of the supra. The Celica was a piece of junk a lofty, slow, pathetic attempt at a fwd sport coupe. For your information the celica is not dead its legacy lives on in the Tc, a new car that was introduced the same model year as the celica was dropped, a fwd sport coupe powered by a lifeless four cylinder. The second gen of the Tc is much better though still a far cry from a true fwd sports coupe in its stock form, due to toyotas lack of experience in the performance car production. As far as your nostalgia goes, suck it up. the only things this car shares with the AE-86 and the celica is that its rwd(ae-86) and its a hatchback(both). The celica and corrola long ago gave up their rwd platform. The celica as a rwd was garbage, it was only good because through many years of trial and error it allowed toyota to develop the mk-iii and mk-iv supras. The ae-86 is undoubtedly a legend but in factory form was pathetic. this car is almost more subaru then toyota, only birthed by a scheme to rope in those of us depressed by the lack of affordable rwd sport coupes in the new car world. Quit crying of the scion badging, its a badge, when you by one you can go back to being a “JDM tight dousche who knows nothing about real cars and only the fads you see in the magazines” and put a toyota badge on it and a silver ae-86 on the back in place of the fr-s moniker, allowing the whole world to see you are a tool, just like all those who place red ctr, itr, atr and ntr honda badges on integras and rsx’s. Your car is slow and these badges and JDM fads do not make you a street racer, or a true enthusiast. The name of a car means nothing and if it does to you then you are just an idiot.

  • alex

    At BERT>
    Whats with all of the japanese car hating? do you drive some gay truck? you prbably are into american muscle and real big engines cause your dick is soo small and limp. You probably drive an early 90’s camaro and daterape middle and highschool girls but get angered because you cant get it up. your forgetting about the toyota altezza/lexus is 300? while it may not be flashy, it is a pretty fun and awesome car, granted the vvtl-i doesnt kick in till like 6500 rpms, but its still a good rwd sports coupe, plus the 3sgte is a straight drop and there is tons of potential with that engine. honda hasnt done shit. the nissan 350 and 370z might be race inspireed cars, but they look like shit, like a riced out audi tt (which also looks like poop in my opinion), and the vq engine is heavy shit. 350z’s become decent when people drop sr’s into them. and they had the s15 and skylines, which granted dont come to the states, but thats because here in the good old us (where the ford f150 sells out the ass) we have al gore and hybrid douche bags on one side, and raised, chromed out, laddered, giant wheeled, gay douchebag trucks, suv’s and hummers, that don’t serve any real purpose cept’ to annoy the shit out of normal, non douche bag people, and show off how small your dick is, on the other. And up until recently, american companies havnt put out shit except for shitty mustang after shitty mustang. Not until very recently did the mustang become good again, and fuck all of this classic muscle revival. No matter what, they are big heavy pieces of poop. Anyone can drive a fast car in a straight line. The celica was and stil is badass, with the exception of that spaceship pos 7th gen. All these “junk” fwd celicas you speak of, since the 4th gen, are based off of the flagship celica gt-4/alltrac, toyotas awd rally car. fast, light, agile and much better looking than any supra (not to speak ill of the supra though, also a great car in all aspects). And the fwd celicas are still decent handling fun cars, granted they are cars you buy your daughters. You are right about the 86. You are wrong about the fr-s. It is by no means more subaru. the boxer engine doesnt mean shit. The term Boxer is just another way of saying its flat. Since subaru makes currently one of, if not, the best flat fours, AKA boxer engine, and since toyota owns part of subaru, it makes sense that they base it off of that technology. But both toyota AND yamah have changed this engine soo much that it will only resemble a boxer engine in its base layout. To the scion issue, FUCK SCION. Scion was toyotas worst idea. the best things to come out of scion were the toaster car, and that is only due to the early 80’s transformer nostalgia it created, and the idea of tons of factory customization. The Tc is not the Celica legacy, the Tc stands for TERCEL CONCEPT, which was a shitty attempt of a fwd sport coupe, alike to the Tc. The new Tc looks like shit, the only decent thing about it is 180 hp. True, it should ultimately be about the car itself, but while toyota may have dropped the ball sports car wise this last decade, toyota has an extensive proud racing heritage. Toyota has made some of the best engines (4age/ze/zet, 5m/7m, 1jzgte, 2jzgte, 3sgte) to date. Scion is just a bad idea, and i wouldnt want a car in the same boat as a tc, xa, xd, or xb. there are many levels of appreciationand enthusiasm. And not everyone has the money, time or know how to build their ideal car, so fuck you, you snob. let people enjoy their cars, and let them have fun putting on their honda badge on their integra, its a fucking honda everywhere else in the world, why not here too?Why do I or anyone else have to have some stupid ugly badge just because of stupid american marketing?And if you dont like all this “JDM tight dousche” stuff, then get the fuck off of a japanese car forum.

  • james

    Bert, though I agree with almost everything you said, your credibility is shot out the window by, first, you terrible insulting argument, but second, your statement of “in fact of the Japanese three only Nissan retains any level of sports car heritage in their current line up.” What, in your silly opinion, is the Japanese 3?

    Obviously we know 2, Toyota and Nissan. Yes, toyota attempts to be economical now, so you are correct. Yes, Nissan still has the Zs and the skyline. Who was the third? I will assume by your continued bashing on the RSX, Civic, Integra crowd, you will say Honda…and you are correct that they have also go with the reliability as a standard.

    What about Mazda? Do they not have sports car heritage and current sports cars on their line up? RX series maybe? Only Japanese car company to win Le Mans, maybe? What about Suburu? Pretty sure the STI will destroy anything you are driving right now, especially on their racing heritage of WRC. How about Mitsubishi? The Evo10 is one of the most dynamic awd cars on the market today.

    Your statements make you look like the douche you are claiming they are

  • tom

    @Bert, how can you say that when they haven’t even release it yet? Have you driven one before to make such a comment?

  • use

    @ Giuseppi

    Correction! Enthusiasts are going to go nuts over the fact that its a Scion and not a new Supra.

  • Mark

    I disagree with Bert that we need to quit cry about the badging. I know for myself I’ve been following the launch of the FT-86 closely and was disappointed that it would be launched as a Scion. I’ve owned a Celica for 6 yrs now and I have a strong brand association with Toyota. Also, as I age (almost 30) I find that I am not aligned with the “youthful” image of Scion (not sure what the exact target audience is for the FR-S). I am sure that this vehicle appeals to many people of a 30+ demographic, however it’d be good if a Toyota version was available as well as I think it would be a “better fit”

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