Michael Schumacher Quashes Retirement Rumors

Michael Schumacher Quashes Retirement Rumors

Despite a poor performance, rumors of retirement, and even a call to hang-up his racing gloves by former F1 Champ Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher will be back competing at the pinnacle of motorsports next year.

The seven-time World Champion’s return to F1 has been less than glamorous, with the Mercedes GP Petronas driver having failed to reach the podium once this season. Still, Schumacher obviously feels he has an important role to play. Speaking at a Mercedes-Benz event over the weekend, Schumacher said, “I’ll certainly be racing next year, that is definite.”

Currently Schumacher sits in 10th place in the Drivers’ standings, three places behind team mate Nico Rosberg. With eight more races to go this season, can Schumacher return to his former glory?

  • Mrs Gail j Gray

    I have been a long follower/supporter of Michael Schumacher, i started following him when he first began in formula 1 in 1991. since that day he is the only driver i have enjoyed watching on the TV or in person at The Race of Champions. he retired in 2006 and that was devestating to me i had a breakdown after that it was not Michael’s fault its such when you have been a loyal fan and some you love dearly has to go you just find it very hard to accept the leaving ways, i am proud of Michael so much that from 2002-2006 i wrote a dedication/tribute book for him, and he is so kind hearted i asked Mr Jean Todt to ask him if he could post the first printed signed paperback copy to Michael. i have seen him 3 times and to me he is so polite and not ill mannered as Damon Hill says, the true is all formula 1 drivers could be like Michael and claim 7 titles, Michael takes F1 very seriously, and nobody has the right to critize or judge him before they should look at themselves, they are jelousy of what Michael as achieved.