Ohio Man One of the First Civilian Owners of a Chevy Caprice

Ohio Man One of the First Civilian Owners of a Chevy Caprice

The Chevy Caprice has been on sale in America for about a year now, but only if you’ve got a badge, and only as a special PPV (Police Patrol Vehicle) model. Or at least that’s what GM is trying to enforce.

Several reports of dealers selling versions of the full-size, V8-powered, rear-wheel drive sedan to the public have surfaced, but until now we’ve never actually heard of someone buying one. That is, until Ohio resident Steve Harbour cam across our radar. No stranger to big rear-drive GM sedans, Harbour currently owns a 1996 Impala SS.

Eager to get his hands on a Caprice, Harbour was turned down by local dealerships in Ohio and had all but given up. A family trip to Washington D.C., however, gave him cause to try once more. As luck would have it, Criswell Chevrolet, just a half hour drive north of the capital in Gaithersburg, Maryland agreed to make a deal. Harbour took the Caprice for a test drive, and can now remember his trip to the capital with a very special souvenir.

The team at GMInsideNews met up with Harbour at a local car show to snap plenty of photos of the rare U.S.-spec Caprice. See all those photos at the link below.

[Source: GMI]

  • rob

    It might be a great hot rod, but the interior of that thing looks REALLY cheap. It’s obvious that it’s meant as a police car, no luxury at all.

  • Ian

    Well, I suppose it doesn’t matter Rob, you’d never see anywhere besides the backseat of one anyways. If you’re lucky

  • ed

    Who cares what the interior looks like just sell it to the public. Makes no sense to only sell as a cop car as car companies make money on volume so who cares who buys it just sell it.

  • D

    What an idiot. He could have waited until Agencies began retiring them as with the Crown Vics. Could have got one for half the price.

  • GlennVA

    Never would an Agency car be abused.

  • Scott

    I totally want a Caprice. I want a brand new one though, who wants an old beat up one? I think the Caprice is an awesome looking muscle car

  • drr

    If you want a new body style Caprice..I would be hard to find one that’s retired..I do not think many Agencies are using them.
    Most have Chargers and the 2 wheel drive Tahoe.
    I would like to here the production numbers in the USA for the 9C1 Caprice..I would think it’s a very low number.