VW Bulli To Join Beetle In “Heritage Range”

VW Bulli To Join Beetle In “Heritage Range”

Volkswagen executives are reportedly “very serious” to add the Bulli to their production lineup, as part of a “Heritage Range.”

So far, this range consists of the Beetle, and…well, nothing else. But given the cult status of the old Microbus, and the overwhelmingly positive response of the Bulli at various auto shows, and VW is eager to chase the dollar of nostalgia-tripping baby boomers.

On the road to production, the Bulli would keep its five-seater capacity but lose its electric powerplant, instead going for a conventional range of shared gasoline and diesel engines. If it enters production—as soon as 2014, in fact—it would be built in Puebla, Mexico, alongside a Beetle convertible that will debut next year.

Lastly, the Bulli would serve in the MPV market, and it would be slightly longer than the Golf—but its heritage styling would give it a unique place in VW’s lineup. “As a designer, I am convinced by this idea,” said Walter de’Silva, VW’s design chief. “We don’t have a space for another conventional MPV, but this one would be desirable on a different level, combining practicality with the heritage appeal.”

[Source: Autocar]

  • Hayden

    What a HUGE mistake to make this mpv if it is only going to be a 5 seater!  What is the point?  If this vechicle does not seat at least 6 people there is not point in making it.