New Chevy Colorado Confirmed with Duramax 4-Cylinder Diesel

New Chevy Colorado Confirmed with Duramax 4-Cylinder Diesel

It’s almost ready to rumble, but unfortunately, it won’t be doing any rumbling here. In an official press release, General Motors has stated that the new Chevrolet Colorado will indeed be built for ‘rest of the world’ consumption, much like its new Ford Ranger competitor.

The ‘global’ Colorado (currently undergoing final testing – see above) will be offered in a choice of extended and crew cab configurations and feature 2.5 and 2.8 liter Duramax diesel engine options under the hood with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions. It will be assembled at GM’s facility in Rayong, Thailand, which has undergone a tooling upgrade of some $300 million to handle production of the new truck and Thailand, understandably will be the Colorado’s launch market.

Launches in other markets across Asia and the Pacific Rim, as well as Africa, the Middle East and South America will follow.

Having spent much time in Thailand during the vehicle’s development process, in order to gauge the kind of buyers found in the local pickup market as well as driving conditions many trucks are subjected to, Colorado chief engineer Roberto Rempel and his team believe that Chevy’s new mid-size pickup is more than up to the task.

“We know customers of this type of vehicle want a workhorse and a daily-use vehicle all in one, so our product has to deliver. We have benchmarked the toughest, most flexible vehicles around the world,” Rempel said. “When you combine that approach with our detailed consideration of global expectations, we are confident the new Colorado will be a winner.”

So why can’t we in North America have one?

  • cdawg

    i think the introduction of a duramax 4cln. diesel is a great idea. it will sell great here in the states(U.S). i only wish it was built here in the united states. and again, when is this suppose to take place?

  • cdawg

    almost forgot to mention. this is going to be in the colorado truck.

  • Mikey Mike

    It’s amazing to me how stupid the big 3 are. There is such a demand for fuel-efficient diesel trucks, this motor would sell like hotcakes in America, but I bet we only get gas options. Don’t the fat cats ever read blogs and comments online?

  • Jfj1964

    GREAT, take a taxpayer bailout and send all the jobs overseas

  • Jfj1964

    thats why I now drive a FORD, self bailout program, even overseas

  • Unicron66

    Not in NA?! Man F*** these guys! I’ll buy a Nissan.

  • Tony Brooks

    Someone tell Ford, GM and Chrysler that they will LOSE THE MARKET if they don’t FINALLY get off their collective ASSES AND GIVE AMERICANS THE 4CYL. DIESEL WE HAVE BEEN SCREAMING ABOUT FOR YEARS. I swear if they don’t do it now I will buy a freaking WANKEL 

  • Hawktrucking

    Sure am glad we helped these automakers out in their time of need… If they don’t see fit to offer this nation the best of the best, in this case a Duramax powerd Colorado… perhaps they should just move their whole focus out of this country, and we’ll support others who do appriciate us. After 50 years of GM loyality… it looks like there will be no more.

  •  Tell the EPA. It is their retarded rules that keep truly efficient diesels out of the U.S.

  • Wclemmons

    Thank you GM. The price for a Nissan or Toyota just went up. I stayed away from them because of price, style, and tradition but now I will have to pay more for their product.

  • Farmercrawley

    I guess I will have to buy a Volkswagon 4cyl diesel truck that gets 38 mpg.   Americans that try to buy American dont have a chance with the mentality of US auto makers.   Bring on the 4cyl diesels they get great fuel milage and last forever!  Cant US auto makers figure it out!!

  • Farmercrawley

    Bull shit,   its not the EPA its the dumb a _ _  US auto companies trying to shove pieces of crap vehicles down our throats!!  Bring on the 4cyl diesel trucks like Europe has had for 40 years!!!

  • Michaelvangundy24

    Was gonna get a durimax colorado, but fuck that!

  • Cabwaldo

    Nope. Diesels have higher nitrous oxide emission levels than gas engines. The us regulates these levels for both gas and diesel engines at very low levels without consideration for the high NOx levels that diesels produce. Why???.. Because the oil companies are subsidized by the government (between $10-52 billion per year towards the fossil fuel industry). Congress even tried to end this subsidization… twice in 2011 alone….but guess what, it was shot down. 5 senators even got $300,000 from the oil companies for keeping their cash flow stable. IT’S THE OIL COMPANIES AND THE GOVERNMENT. AUTOMAKERS ARE DOING NOTHING WRONG. If you read the article…you would understand that adding diesel engine production isn’t simple…. IT COSTED $300 MILLION for GM to expand one plant.

    Don’t you dare say IM wrong because I’ve actually done research. Plenty of it.

  • LOL you’re wrong.

    If you were right then we wouldn’t have diesel Volkswagens for the last 40years

  • CatchMe

    I personally am boycotting all US auto makers by not buying
    another gas / diesel vehicle . I agree that the oil companies control our reps in Washington with payoffs so the only way we can have any power is not to buy ( consumer control).
    Just think if 90% of all people would stop buying certain
    products that company would soon cease to exist !!
    I’ve traveled the world and we are being played here by big oil . Also my next car is electric even if I can’t drive far , Tesla is the bomb developing charging stations. I’m ready
    to buy a 3 cylinder Perkins diesel and install in a small used pickup, they won’t even know !

  • Jason

    I’d love to see more “Baby Duramax” 2.8 litre diesel engines built and sold here in the USA. Will it ever reach the mainstream status it does in other markets? Maybe, maybe not. But how can anyone say with authority whether people here in the USA will like the engine unless it’s offered? If people like it, then production should be made here in the USA and in Canada.

  • Jason

    I agree. It’s unforgivable that Washington (D.C.) decides what cars and trucks, and what powertrain options we should be allowed to be offered here in this country. I’d like to breathe clean air as much as other people, but this is bullshit. The standards Washington demands on car makers are unrealistic, at best.