2014 GMC Sierra to Move Up-Market

2014 GMC Sierra to Move Up-Market

At present, save from slight trim and equipment (such as the Denali trim package shown above) there really isn’t much to differentiate the GMC Sierra from it’s Chevy Silverado counterpart. However, that’s set to change.

During an interview in Detroit, Mark Reuss, GM’s North American President said that for the next generation of GM full-size pickups, due for launch as 2014 models, the plan is to move the Sierra more upmarket with a greater list of standard equipment, more distinctive sheetmetal and corresponding higher sticker prices; a similar strategy has so far proved quite successful for GMC’s line of SUVs.

Such a move finally sweeps away the last vestiges of badge-engineering at America’s biggest automaker, something the “old” General Motors was notoriously known for.

“I think you will see equipment and models attacked very differently,” Reuss declared. “If we are going to carry two brands, we are going to make them pay their way.”

[Source: Autoweek]

  • Raymond Raffety

    That makes a whole lot of since, this will really give consumers their own choice of style when choosen between the 2 for purchase, I supposed this means the Designers and Engineers for the 2014 Cadillac Escalade really will have to make that vehicle far more upscale than what is offered in the current line up.

  • Trailboss

    GMC could price the SIerra right out of the working man’s wallet.  Ford and Dodge would be the winners of that business disaster!