Chevy Volt’s First Year of Sales Trump Those of Original Prius

Chevy Volt’s First Year of Sales Trump Those of Original Prius

The Chevrolet Volt ended the last month of 2011 with its best month of sales to date. Having sold 1,529 Volts in December, GM ended its full year of Volt sales at a total of 7,671 units for 2011.

While this figure is significantly lower than its 10,000 sales goal, Fox News noted that the Volt’s sales performance for its first year easily trump the sales performance of the Toyota Prius on its first year, which only managed to sell 5,600 units all the way back in the year 2000. Today, the Prius is the best-selling hybrid in America and Toyota has sold 136,463 units of Prius models in 2011.

Going forward, Chevrolet aims to sell 45,000 Volts for 2012 and reach a round 60,000 total units worldwide. An ambitious goal, Chevrolet will have to sell a lot more Volts for every quarter of 2012 than the total number of Volts it sold for all of 2011.

[Source: Fox News]

  • YesIStreetRace

    That’s not quite a fair comparison. The original Prius was pretty much the world’s first major hybrid, it took a while for consumers to get comfortable with the idea of owning a hybrid. Also, when the Prius first arrived, there were no $7,500 government incentives.

    If anything, the Volt needs to thank the Prius for being successful and reliable.

  • Will

    I totally agree with YeslStreetace.
    Prius basically CREATED the hybrid/electric car market–Toyota went out on a limb in a time when SUVs were the most popular autos. Had the Prius not done as well as it did (sell 1 million units in the U.S. as of a year ago), GM would have had no monetary incentive to develop the Volt because there wouldn’t be a ten-year record of high sales proving the consumer wants these cars.

  • Mike

    You have got to be kidding!

    This is a sad headline.

    The Volt has a very long way to go – and still a lot to prove (especially from a reliability perspective) before it can even be compared to Prius.

    So far…it´s all buzz…and not the electric kind.

  • Keven

    I read on a news site Chevy dealers were asking GM to stop sending Volt’s to them. They are sitting on them and there is no profit in dealing with the Volt. It is sad when your own dealers are your worst enemies.

  • Ralph

    Somebody stated that Toyota took a chance on producing the first hybrid.  I recall that Toyota only produced the Prius because they were out to beat American automakers who had announced they were to manufacture a hybrid, but dropped the program after Toyota commited. 

    GM does not have Toyota to thank for the Volt program.  Two totally differant cars.  The Volt is the first of it’s type.  GM already had put out the EV1.  And the first year Prius sales are referring to US sales.  They sold many more first year Prius cars in Japan.  That is to be expected.