Pontiac Aztek in High Demand… by Canadian Thieves

Pontiac Aztek in High Demand… by Canadian Thieves

Canadian car thieves have an affinity for the ugly, or so it would seem based on recently released data.

Do you remember the Pontiac Aztek? It’s OK if you don’t, we smacked our heads against a brick wall over its design too. But its ugly looks haven’t stopped it from making number eight on the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s top 10 stolen cars list of 2011.

Specifically, it’s the 2001 four-wheel drive model, not that there’s a difference between the dumbly-designed SUV that ceased to exist, much like it’s manufacturer.

Just to recap, we’re talking about an SUV with a 3.4-liter V6 making 185 horsepower. It weighs 3,779 lbs and gets a miserable 16/23 mpg city/highway, oh and has a face a mother couldn’t even love.

Why anyone would bother stealing this scrap heap is beyond us, especially considering the fact that there are plenty of perfectly easy-to-steal Cadillac Escalades out there that fetch a much better resale value.

That’s the one good thing we can say for the Aztek, if it get’s stolen you’re only out a couple grand. Heck, those thieves probably did you a favor by towing it free of charge.

  • L_santiago75

    I’ve seen uglier cars out there some made by Toyota and Honda I recently seen a Nissan that can even take the cake on this era , the Aztek was to ahead of its time , never had one but I like some of the features it has especially if your the type that love to hike surge or even camp out …I would definitely get one ….

  • daryll

    U either like it or dont, i have a 2003, i just passed 200000kms, ive had no major issues, knock on wood, ive travelled all over canada and the usa, great power, comfortable, its been a great vehicle