Bush Senior Defies Republican Stereotype, Buys Chevy Volt

Bush Senior Defies Republican Stereotype, Buys Chevy Volt

Who would have thought it? Given the flack the Chevy Volt has received at Republican hands over the last few months, former Republican president George H. W. Bush dealt the Volt attackers a serious blow, deciding to purchase one of GM’s extended range electric cars.

The Volt, which has become a symbol of all that’s wrong with the Obama administration according to a number of conservatives, might finally be getting a break. In addition to Bush Sr.’s purchase of a Volt (for his son Neil), there’s growing sentiment among the right that the car might not be that bad after all.

Fred Barnes, writing in the conservatively inclined Weekly Standard, showed sympathy for the Volt, saying it “is not an Obamamobile,” a view that’s been widely held by many Republicans. In perhaps an even more surprising turn, Fox News, the notorious Volt basher, is also apparently changing it’s tune. Lee Spieckerman, CEO of Spieckerman Media and a conservative himself, said during a recent interview on the network that the “Volt is the quickest and most efficient way to bring American fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and nuclear energy to American automobiles. It is a terrific car, it is the iPhone of the automobiles. I’ve driven it and it’s very impressive.”

Volt sales remain sluggish despite GM introducing a zero percent incentive this month, so this change is probably welcome news, though Spieckerman did say that in order for it to truly be successful in the market, the price of the Volt needs to be reduced by about 20 percent, in order to give it a fighting chance against the likes of machines like the Chevy Cruze.

[Source: Yahoo Autos]

  • Mark

    Its good to know that there is at least one real innovator/early adopter left in the GOP… Lets see if he can teach the old party some new tricks before the whine from the right wingnuts drown him out.

  • danwat1234

    Well then General Motors should give like a 15% incentive instead of a 0% incentive. A 0% Incentive isn’t much of an incentive.. in fact it’s no incentive at all!

  • Joseph

    LOL, the car is an unmitigated FLOP!! It is NOT SELLING and that is the only way to judge the relative success or failure of a commercial enterprise. It is NOT worth near what they are charging.The batteries are $15,000 to replace and they have a habit of catching fire.

    Who but a fool would spend $40,000 on an electric vehicle with a 40 mile (20 miles each way) range on it’s batteries? Well the answer is obviously nobody except the government.

  • danwat1234

    @Joseph, there are NO battery fires. A fire only happened when they did a high speed side collision on the Volt, put it on it’s roof/back for weeks and didn’t bother to drain the gas tank or the battery for some reason. After 2+ weeks had gone by, something to do with crushed coolant lines caused an issue and eventually a fire broke out.
    Since then, GM has reinforced that area of the battery pack so that if someone wants to leave their bashed in Volt fully charged, they can be rest assured that nothing will happen!
    Anybody with any sense would drain the tank and the battery, as I’m sure it says in the manual. You’d drain the tank and tow a regular car if it was in such a serious crash as well.

  • Greg

    1. The Car goes 30 miles on a charge under ideal conditions
    2. The Car Charges from an electrical grid where 80% of the electic is generated by oil or coal.
    3. The Car consumes gasoline to generate electric to charge its battery.
    . The Battery has an 8 year life then has to be replaced and it ain’t cheap!
    4. As an aerospace engineer I’m not impressed. But until we stop burning oil/coal to generate electric hybrids just ship consumption of oil from the gas station to your local power plant.

  • Bobloblaw

    The volt still sucks and so did ghw Bush’s presidency. Maybe he can give a ride to Jimmy carter.

  • danwat1234

    1. The car goes over 40 miles on a charge under ideal conditions. 30 miles in unideal conditions.
    2. The owner has a choice of how he/she wants to charge the car. Where they live, yes maybe 80% of the power plant’s electricity is made by oil or coal, but in other places like Oregon, that is not true. Users can charge their car with solar panels or wind power if they wish and often you can sign up with your electric utility the option to get your power from greener sources.
    3. The battery has longer than an 8 year lifespan. The warranty on the battery is 10 years. I am sure it will last much longer than that.
    4. Greg being a misinformed, biased consumer, I’m not impressed. But, until everyone in the world loves innovation and evolution of industry, we will have people like Greg and Joseph.

  • Skip

    1. I’ve owned a Chevy Volt for over a year so my facts are from experience and are accurate.
    2. I regularly get over 40 miles on a single charge.
    3. In Arizona over 35% of our grid electricity comes from hydro, nuclear, solar and other renewables…. The percentage is even higher on my home as I have a solar electric system on my roof.
    4. The Chevy Volt is a blast to drive as it accelerates so quickly that it blows the doors off most of the old-technology, gasoline-only vehicles on the road.
    5. As an electrical engineer, an entrepreneur, a Republican and a person who cares about the future of our planet, I love the Chevy Volt and I’m unimpressed with late adopters who sit on the sidelines and whine, yet act as if their opinions have value.

  • Elaine

    Greg, your first fact is completely false. I own a Volt and I routinely drive it 45 miles on a charge. “30 miles under ideal conditions” is absolutely false.

    Joseph, “40 miles (20 each way)” is also completely false. This past weekend, I drove 43 miles to the city, plugged in (for free) in a parking garage (where I would have had to park anyway), enjoyed a day at the city and returned home. Eighty-six miles on electric, no fuel costs, fun to drive, a great day.

    It really seems like when it comes to the Volt, people should refrain from comment if they haven’t driven one or spent time with someone who owns one. This “facts” really make you guys seem ridiculously under-informed.

  • you suck!! and so did neil cavuto

  • Vrotton

    Skip, thanks for sharing these personal facts. Maybe it help to open the eyes of stuborn people. I have been watching this car since it was just a “concept” I think this car is the answer to alot of our problems. I only wish I could afford one myself as I commute from Maricopa to Tempe/Phoenix area.

  • mark palluccio

    Now would be a great time for Obama to issue a rebate check on new hybrids and the chevy volt.  lets say a 10000.00 rebate on a volt and 7000.00 on any hybrid.  this will get the attention of the gasoline companies and OPEC and assure Obama of another 4 years.  just imagine how many cars would be sold with those rebates.  never mind the extra car sales for GM. FORD, Chrysler.  American cars only no offense to the forgien auto makers but we can’t use american money to support foriegn companies it wouldnt be right.  lets go Obama!!!!!

  • Wayne

    Just wish I could afford one right now. While I’m aconservative, I don’t understand why this should be apolitical issue. Granted it’s produced by union labor but there are times when you don’t “cut off your nose to spite your face”.

  • Wayne

    Wish these things had spell check or a time limit to correct errors. What, we have to type in Word, spell check and then post? Proof reading is your friend.

  • Read his lips “no more petrol”. If it is such a great car why are my tax dollars paying for it?