New Chevrolet Colorado Two Years Away for North America

New Chevrolet Colorado Two Years Away for North America

Following the discontinuation of the Chevrolet Colorado, speculation quickly cropped up about the new Colorado that debuted at the Bangkok Motor Show last year.

Early on, many people assumed the truck would immediately succeed the recently discontinued generation as a 2013 model, but those assumptions are turning up false. In fact the new Colorado, pictured above, will take another two years to make its North American debut in 2014 as a 2015 model. While it might seem odd that the small truck is being delayed for this part of the world, there are good reasons for the decision.

GM probably couldn’t bring the new Colorado to market right away, even if it wanted to. Last November the company announced its plans to use the Wentzville, Mo. assembly plant to produce the truck, but preparing for that production is time consuming. While it may be possible to get the plant ready in time, it probably isn’t cost-effective.

Even if it were, the world-marketed Colorado isn’t designed for North Americans. Right now, it’s sold with a 2.8-liter diesel engine and is designed with worldwide customers in mind. The company used much of the same strategy in marketing and designing its Cruze, Spark and Sonic — first selling them globally only to redesign them for the U.S. It seems GM is going about the new Colorado in much the same way.

As is often true, it won’t come as a surprise to find different engine options for the North American Colorado than the version sold globally. Even still, it isn’t clear what to expect when the truck finally launches. According to GM Inside News, the company plans to offer its new 2.5-liter four cylinder or 3.6-liter V6, though there isn’t any word on a diesel variant Stateside.

[Source: GM Inside News]

  • Crewdog259

    GM could tap into an untouched market with a diesel option.  I love diesels but understand they aren’t for everyone.  But the midwest farmers and lots of contractors would love to have a small fuel efficient vehicle.  The sooner GM can get them on the lots with a diesel option the better.  If they only put the gas engines in them,  they will just be another small truck for sale.

  • mugzee4

    Small truck+ large engine= F U N

  • Gervais,Eastern Quebec

    well,i have a 2004 colorado and would love to swap for a diesel if i knew which one would fit there.Why GM does not listen at their consumer and sell diesel engine in the middle size pickup? they did not understood what happened to them recently? they dont sell what the people wants? we want economical small diesel engine in this truck.

  • Vswebster

    Diesel retro kit???????

  • Frank455444

    So an American car maker that was bailed out by the American Taxpayer has to wait on this truck while the communist Chinese where Chevrolet appears to be building all its infrastructure gets it this year?


  • mike

    for gm to bring the midsize pickups to the us market without a diesel option would be a huge mistake, and lost opportunity.

  • geff

    The Growing market is not USA ,is not North America it is Asia and China that is simple as that.
    Ford are building trucks that are consumming gas as they always have been and Chevrolet has raised their economy by adding diesel engine in their line.I cannot count how much injector that we repaired on 6.0 liters Ford and They did not even repair le problem,,,,,i would buy an Colorado Diesel tomorrow.

  • geff

    Agreed 100%

  • phil

    Hurry up and offer the 4 cylinder diesel in canada. I will then park my 4 cylinder car and buy one. Who can afford a big truck anyways. Big trucks big oil. HHHMMM.

  • geff

    they prefer thos big block diesel engine fom Ford or fargo,,,,chrysler.Often they dont need at all those big v8 diesel.A Colo with a mid size,3.0 liters diesel ,4 cylinders would beet them at 101 mph.
    GM as a partnership with Isuzu,remember the Chevette Diesel engine.

  • geff

    not economical.