Jeep Wrangler Diesel a Possibility Hints CEO

Jeep Wrangler Diesel a Possibility Hints CEO

The Moab Easter Jeep Safari gave us six new Jeep concepts last week that were exciting to see and gave us a sneak preview at what Jeep may have in the works for the future.

While speaking about the concepts was the main focus of CEO Mike Manley at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari, he also hinted at the possibility that the next-generation Wrangler might come in a diesel variant. At the end of the video highlighting the Moab Easter Jeep Safari models, Manley said, “For me as we think about how Wrangler develops into the future, there are a few things we get constant feedback on. One is diesel and one is pickup.”

And like most automakers that just slightly hint at future models, Manley elaborated that feedback is clearly taken into consideration as Jeep ventures down the early stages of planning for the next-generation Wrangler. It’s clear that Jeep is willing to listen to its enthusiasts on the next-generation Wrangler development, but that doesn’t always indicate what the vast majority of consumers would want.

  • koogan

    I will tell you what… I love jeeps, I have never owned another vehicle, but I will not purchase another one until a diesel wrangler is is made a reality. I am tired of waiting.. It is only logical to make a diesel jeep wrangler in the U.S.

  • haji

    they already have a diesel wrangler in the european market. no surprise if it “comes back” to usa.

  • Wayne G

    I hear you Koogan. I’m new to Jeeps and never owned one before and almost completed the order for a new 2012. But concerns about employment forced me to cancel my order. Since that time I’ve taken a cooler approach and getting back to my original mindset that I’m not buying another rig unless it’s diesel. It’s not going to be cheap but I’m really hoping that as a nation we get onboard with making more bio-diesel from numerous sources. The costs might be high but the more competition we have for different fuel sources could level the playing field. We need to try and block the big oil companies and oil producing countries from holding us hostage.

  • ahhh

    I have owned 7 jeeps in my life and presently have 2 JK and XJ; i also refuse to purchase another until the diesel comes out in the wrangler not some liberty; but a full fledge “JEEP” wrangler; they will throw a diesel in some rinky dink setup and claim they cant sell enough diesels; here is a clue JEEP put it to something ppl WANT to buy.

  • T1kjalta

    I too am longing for a diesel powered Wrangler.  In my case, make it a 4-door as it must suit several different purposes to include hauling grandkids, light trailering (Harley dresser), great mpg’s, great on-road and off roading capability, and finally removable roof panels, doors and foldable windshield.  They did in the Transformer movie, certainly Jeep won’t let themselves be bested by a mere Camero.

  • Tom Roberts

    Did Jeep not get a clue when they sold exponentially more Diesel Liberty’s than they projected?  Sometimes I just want to go to South America and get the Willys Wagon down there that came with a diesel. 

  • Tom

    Bring back the LJ and stick that CRD in it! Please!!

  • Gorbak

    Let’s add a Jeep pickup (sorry, I mean multi-purpose vehicle) with the 3.0L diesel and it WILL sell like hot cakes off the griddle.  Why wait?  Baby boomer demographics are perfect for the mid-size multi-purpose vehicle.  This is what we want now, not when I am too old to use this for all my projects.  Get this built now. 

  • Barberjoshua

    Just another tease from Jeep! If we (jeepers) had it our way they would produce a wrangler with a cummins 4bt and dana 60’s… a jeep that gets good gas mileage, pull a trailer/boat, and actually have enough power to get through traffic… well, that just makes to much sense!

  • Hoovie70

    I’ve had four Wrangler/CJ’s. If Jeep puts a diesel in one, I’ll have them for LIFE!!

  • maddog65

    A Wrangler with a diesel while running a blend of biodiesel(B20). Less dollars at the pump, better fuel mileage, lower emissions, and better torque for Crawling. Jeep’s just teasing and I’m just dreaming. Again!

  • Don

    Jeep already has a diesel Wrangler, made right in North America.  Its available all over the world but here.  Let the people have a choice.  Make the diesel Wrangler available to Canada and US.  Its the perfect kind of engine it needs.  Have a 2008 diesel Grand Cherokee and love it.  Waiting for the Wrangler diesel.  DO IT!

  • PhotoKent

    When Jeep equips the Wrangler with a diesel I’m trading in my Lexus for one in a New York minute.

  • Jeep’R

    Good thing I built my own! No waiting and 35mpg @#*% ’em

  • Mpcjcobra

    We will purchase a reasonably priced 4×4 rubicon Diesel 40+MPG 4Dr Wrangler tonight. You build it people will buy it! Look at the VW TDI, Great product. Build it!

  • Wayne

    @T1kjalta I agree right down the line including the H-D dresser. Don’t know if I could afford one of those fancy Iron Horse trailers but once I get the DIESEL Wrangler then that would be the next sweet step.

  • Diesel4x4

    I’ve been writing to Jeep/Chrysler for years asking them for a Diesel Wrangler. I have held my ground not buying a new Wranlernuntil theyndo. Unil then, my 1986 CJ with a diesel conversion hangs on for me.

  • Jared

    I’m in for a diesel Wrangler 4-door for under $35,000. Build it and I will buy it.

  • Rik

    Add me to the Diesel Jeep herd. I will buy a diesel Jeep Wrangler the day it is available in the US. What is the wait? If they wait too long it is distinctly possible I will not wait and buy a entirely different car and keep my 1995 4 Cyl. Wrangler running for another decade.

  • 98fxdl

    Sign me up to be next in line for a diesel Wrangler. I’ve owned a F250 diesel before my current Wrangler and loved it. For now I’ll sit with my ’09 and wait for a diesel.

  • Gippychippy31

    i want to change my land rover for a jeep if they were diesel

  • the castrated man

    why stop at diesel? Make it a Hybrid. Some might thinks its less masculine but cmon guys grow a set. If you can cut the money I pour into the gas industry by half I’ll gladly allow you to cut my balls off

  • Wayne Gale

    Not no, but Fook no. Maybe a diesel electric but if you’re talking big batteries in a Wrangler…slit my throat before I’d ever buy one of those. Less masculine….good Lord, it’d be like buying a damn Prius. I’m usually pretty easy

  • walterlista

    I am importing and old Santana diesel 4×4 from Spain. (Similar to a Land  Rover ). If I only had a wrangler diesel !!!  In the mean time I will keep my 97 wrangler.

  • I refuse to buy a Jeep until it’s offered in diesel, when it is I will order new that’s a promise.  

  • Cody

    Jeep needs to offer a more diverse selection of Jeeps. One would be the very lightweight, mild offroad version, that get great MPG. This for people who love the look and style of the Jeep, but need better than 15 mpg. Second would be one that can actually pull real weight. I need a fuel efficient vehicle for trips and something to haul a trailer. Right now, the Wrangler can’t do either. Once it can fill one of those roles, I will be buying.

  • Wcbm

    This kills me. It’s simple guys there are a ton of JEEP lovers who own boats and or want a tougher power train. Put a Diesel in wrangler (make it a turbo) offer two rear end/ font end options and watch what happens!  Oh and lower Diesel prices….  You hgave a decent wheel base – go for it!


  • Froebel

    I love to have the option of buying a diesel wrangler!

  • Kmalerich

    I just got back from Australia where tey have diesel Wranglers and Cherokees. What’s the matter dont we rate high enough here?

  • Oscar Monzon

    the problem for me is that the jeep competitors are aware of the need for the diesel model and may want to take advantage and put in the market a diesel model that will make some people change brands, so please make us happy and let me be a jeep user for the next 10 year.

  • Annamal26

    I sincerely hope this isn’t just a tease!  I will be the first in line to buy a diesel wrangler!

  • Budigme

    I can’t believe they didn’t do this years ago, it just goes to show how out of touch Dodge really is. I also can’t believe that Merc would put a diesel in a cherokee and not a G-wagen. There are no good 4×4’s in the US (because there are no diesels), yet the rest of the world get Pajaros, Land Cruisers, Defenders, and G-wagens in bombproof configs.

  • Mmetcalf39

    I do agree with what you are saying. Jeep should pair up with Cummins. Jeep is trying to cater to the yuppies. I personally think what jeep has been doing is a disgrace to the jeep name and heritage. Power locks and Navigation, REALLY. Jeep really needs to focus there effort on a no frills power house that lives up to the jeep name.

  • Mmetcalf39

    I truly believe Jeep is making a big mistake by adding these foreign motors and transmissions. Jeep should pair up with Cummins and Eaton to design an engine and transmission combination. Heck the engine is already done, Utilizing the 4BT would be the way to go and has already been proven to work with no problems. The only thing that will not function is the cruse control, but it’s a jeep do you really need it. Keeping Jeep all american is the way to go, I think it has been a big disgrace to what Jeep really stands for. 

    Let me spell it out for you.” Just enough essential parts” or (jeep) 

    The Jeep family out there really needs to come together on this one, Jeep had the 4.0 which was bullet proof. Then came along the 3.8 V6 which is what I have in my 2011 Jk. I must say it is not a very good engine. 

    1. Lack of power on the trail
    2. Noisy sound like it is coming apart
    3. Bad fuel Millage / I can live with that as I knew that when I bought it.
    4. Drive by wire, No mechanical cable from the throttle to the injection, this causes hesitation and bad fuel millage

     Now a 3.6 Mercedes Penstar. The Jeep engineers really need to involve a Jeep enthusiast  when thinking about the power plant and drive train.

    Well I will get down form my soap box now.

  • Bluethunder

    A couple of things get in the way here. (1) the 4BT would have to go common rail to meet emissions unless they’ve already done so. Shouldn’t be too big of a problem since the 5.9/6.7 went to common rail. (2) Since Fiat owns 50% of VM Motori and they are already putting their 4 cylinder engines in overseas models, I doubt they’d want to change production. Meeting weight and emissions plus already having the process down pat pretty well determines that the VM Motori will be used. It’ll be an interesting couple of years and they certainly won’t please everyone. I’ll just be glad to get a diesel engine and either option would suit me fine.

    And some of the yuppies are the ones who seems to be making the Jeep brand more marketable and turning a profit for Jeep. Kind of along the same lines as Harley Davidson. We have the older group who has been riding them for years but then also a more affluent crowd that is stepping up to the plate. Either way, these yuppies are at least trying out Jeep products and bringing Jeep and Chrysler back from the brink of extinction. There are always plain jane models to order up sans all the gizmos or find older ones for custom work. Companies are doing whatever it takes to make a profit and keep alive even if we don’t always agree with their direction.

  • Mmetcalf39

    Well said and agreed with, I have been around jeeps for a long time and they are my main passion. I will most likely do a Cummins conversion with my 2011 once it’s be paid for. 

    I just need to vent at times! 

  • Billysills

    Just plan on there being a diesel benz in the grand cherokee and maybe even the wrangler… if so i’m buying one……

  • Safari

    Come to Tanzania and drive a Jeep diesel now. 

  • diesel JK buyer!

    PLEASE let us have the JK CRD in the USA!!!!!!

  • Musicdir

    Let us have a diesel as an option at the very least.  Give the same version sold overseas and made in North America already, that would not be too hard would it?   Or a Cummins would be great also.  My last three vehicles have been diesel.  I enjoy the better fuel economy and great power.   Make it happen Jeep!!!  Would rather not swap in a diesel, but might have to.  

  • Osama bon Jovi

    Well said and agreed.  I would rather have “Yuppies” buying the upscale models and keeping the line alive while I still have the option of a bare bones.

    However, having a few kids means I will have to go for the four door, and I want a hard top meaning that the decision for power windos is inevitable.


    My 06 Liberty CRD is still going strong, but I want a diesel Wrangler!

  • Gorilla Rubicon

    I’m one of the people that have owned and still own a Jeep and keep screaming “give me a small turbo diesel”…and I know they will price it insanely at first and I will have to wait another two years until the price comes down…

  • Pstrand

    Bring us the Jeep diesel!  I’ll come back.  I left you for a mini cooper.  I had no choice.

  • Victormele

    put a diesel in the wrangler already. im readt to buy!!!

  • Mlhennessy2012

    Bring the jeep wrangler diesel and I will come back to jeep and sell my two Subaru Foresters!!!!!

  • Apernesky

    I Sold my Wrangler for a Mistsubishi & will have to ditch my X for a more fuel efficient model next

  • C Massey

    A diesel Wrangler will be in my garage.  My guess is that many will come back to Jeep with a fuel efficient powerful Wrangler.  Bring it on!

  • Carmanjk

      Why would you test the market with a diesel Grand Cherokee when you have had so many Wrangler owners begging for one for so many years? One of the main turn offs for those who chose not to buy a Wrangler is the MPG because they aren’t off roaders. The diesel would solve that problem for them! I own a JK Unlimited Rubicon on 37’s so MPG obviously wasn’t a concern when building mine but the only thing that will make me get rid of my current Wrangler is a diesel one!!!!! That amount of torque would be incredible in comparison to the 3.8 while I am rock crawling! So let’s have, I’ll be waiting for my new one when you release the diesel!

  • Wingnut96

    Well, not buying a Jeep this year, we’ll see about next yr. I wouldn’t mind the diesel Grand Cherokee but I’m not gonna spend $55k for one. Hell I’d buy a new SRW diesel F250/350 or 2500/3500 for that price. I’m glad they are getting started but bring the price down some and build the Wrangler Rubicon with good basics.

  • Don

    Bring on the diesel.  Have been waiting and waiting for a Wrangler diesel.  4 or 6 cylinder.  

  • Geo

    Not sure why Jeep would look to see what the market will be for a GC Diesel before possibly offering Diesel in the Wrangler? Seems like two different market types to me. I’m a Wrangler guy and would jump to buy a Diesel Wrangler, but would not even think twice about a GC Diesel. Seems like the Wrangler market has said for yrs. ‘give me Diesel’.  Not sure I ever heard a GC person say that!

  • doug wolfe

    build it, bring it, and i’ll buy it. just that damn simple… i have bought a new jeep every four years for the past twenty years, but i have bought the last god damn one until you get that diesel in a jk!