New York Goes Green With New Boro Taxi Fleet

New York Goes Green With New Boro Taxi Fleet

The Big Apple has gotten a little greener thanks to its new Boro Taxis that sport an Apple Green finish, helping to give all those that live in the boroughs outside of Manhattan and Northern Manhattan a ride.

This is the first time in New York’s storied history that taxi service outside of Manhattan has become law, giving New Yorkers in all five boroughs safe and legal street hail service. To set it apart from all the other yellow taxis that have become a staple in New York culture, Apple Green was chosen to make the Boro Taxis as distinct as possible.

“Apple Green is very fitting for the new Boro Taxis,” said Commissioner Yassky. “It’s pleasing to the eye, easy to see from a distance and blends well with the urban landscape. Just as the yellow taxi and the black car were once new services that became a trusted part of their users’ lives, the Boro Taxi, too, will take its long-awaited place as a part of the city’s comprehensive transportation network.”

A total of 18,000 Boro Taxi permits will be made available over three years with the first batch of 6,000 being issued starting this June. Each permit will cost $1,500 and will be valid for three years. Only already-licensed livery drivers and vehicle owners will be able to apply for the first batch.

All the Apple Green Boro Taxis will also be equipped with credit card machines, roof lights, and GPS vehicle location devices to help the return of lost property.

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