McLaren MP4-12C Owners to Get Free Power Upgrade

McLaren MP4-12C Owners to Get Free Power Upgrade

Early adopters of the McLaren MP4-12C can look forward to a free update to their vehicles come this October.

While most visits to the dealerships can be frustrating and a waste of time, this one will pay off dividends the second you get back in the driver’s seat. That’s because McLaren will be remapping the MP4-12C’s ECU to bump horsepower to a 625 figure, while improving overall responsiveness without altering the fuel economy.

In addition to the power upgrade, owners will also get additional features added to their sports car including a remote passenger door opening, a programmable engine note, and equalization of the Meridian sound system. The touch-screen navigation and entertainment control system, also known as IRIS, will also get its much-needed update. Owners have been complaining about issues with IRIS since its launch, but it appears the British automaker has a fix on the way.