VW Amarok Pickup Heading to Canada?

VW Amarok Pickup Heading to Canada?

Quite possibly, according to remarks by Volkswagen of Canada’s Media Relations Manager, Thomas Tetzlaff.

The VW Amarok is a rest-of-the-world compact pickup that competes against the likes of the global Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, Toyota Hilux and others, yet until now, it hasn’t set foot on North American shores.

Tetzlaff recently said that VWoC was “very interested,” in the Amarok but at the present time is still “proceeding very slowly and very cautiously.”

VW has been in discussions with its dealer body north of the border and according to Tetzlaff there has been some “very positive feedback.” That said, he did also mention that there needs to be a strong business case to bring the Amarok to market in Canada, which could prove difficult since Canadian vehicle regulations closely mirror those of the US and with a 10th the population, it’s often hard for automakers to justify introducing vehicles purely for Canadian consumption.

That said, VW has done so in the recent past, with its City Golf and Jetta, essentially facelifted versions of the fourth generation car that were sold alongside the fifth generation Rabbit/Jetta models, plus Acura with it’s Civic derived EL and CSX.

If the VW Amarok does indeed go on sale in Canada, it’s likely it will be offered with a diesel engine, giving buyers a true, fuel thrifty alternative to the likes of gasoline powered mid-size and full-size half-ton rigs.

As for the US, official VW spokesman Mark Gillies said the firm’s American arm has no such plans to import the current version of the Amarok.

[Source: Autoblog]

  • Stillwaiting

    This Vehicle has been out for a while in other markets.  Volkswagen of Canada, Volkswagen of US, WHY NOT Volkswagen of North America?  Seems all VW does these days is talk about ‘looking into, evaluating the market, and considering’.  Just commit to bring in a few different new models, rahter than re-releasing a New Beetle.   Think of North America as one, and scream for more product.  Seems the American arm is satisfied to be the black sheep of the family and never demands anything from the corporate headquarters in Germany. 

    Will gladly put deposit on an Amarok when they can guarantee a delivery date. 

  • hn

    the four door version with TDI would probably do well. Though the size is more midsize than compact and may weigh too much for 2.0 TDI.

  • George

    The diesel fuel isn’t more expensive than gas in Canada, so the Amarok makes more sense than in the US. VW may not have actually the production capacity to introduce the product in the US and there is the chicken tax problem.

    The Amarok would be an alternative to the Sprinter or HD diesels trucks.

  • Philip

    IF VWoA wanted to become Number 1 in vehicle sales, bring the Amarok to the US.  Diesel vehicles are not staying on the lots;  people are buying everyone of them.  They can see those results.  Build the truck at the Chattanooga assembly plant to avoid the Chicken Tax and they will sell everyone of them to US buyers who have been wanting what you have to offer.  Ball is in your court Volkswagen.  Let the American enjoy some truck Farfenugen (may be misspelled; apology given)

  • George

    That doesn’t seem as an calculated risk. Should it be a success, Ford would respond in no time with an 3.2 I5 diesel / F-150 that engine is ready for the new Euro Transit based full size van, and apparently the RAM 1500 3.0 V6 diesel is near ready too. Perhaps at lower price point than the Amarok. Ford could also opt to assemble the new Ranger with the I5 diesel and there is the option of using the 4.4 V8 diesel they source to Land Rover for the F-150 and F-250.

    VW would have to invest considerably in the facility, marketing and distribution channels to serve the huge US market. Given the potential reaction of Ford, RAM, GM, Toyota and Nissan, they would at least need to have some flexibility, ie they would have to make an SUV and the Eurovan based on the same chassis / power train.

    On the other hand, they can just source the Canadian market from the factory in Argentina, at competitive prices. Canadians appreciate better efficient vehicles, VW has good reputation, diesel isn’t more expensive than gas, its a number of factors.

    Once they prove the Amarok does well in Canada, they could move to the US.

  • george in co.

    it has an 8 speed auto now. i have the 2 liter tdi in my 2012 passat. 40 to 45 mpg. cannot believe the # of pickups sold in USA does not equal a good market.

  • Colum Wood

    It must just be too expensive. But you still have to think there are those who would pay… especially for a TDI Amarok.

  • US Consumer

    I’m in the market for a small, diesel pickup to replace my old 2001 Ford Explorer. All the new pickups sold in the US have at best have 23 miles per gallon fuel consumption. My wife has a Mercedes Diesel E320 that gets 35 miles per gallon!! I’m going to keep repairing my 2001 Ford Explorer until I can buy a small, diesel pickup. Come on Volkswagon, start selling the Amarok here in the US.

  • Canuck without a truck

    Yes please! For Canada, and the U.S. The big 3 have no plans to bring small diesels to North America. Why are diesel sales so low, 3 or 4 percent of sales. Cost. Why can’t a diesel be everything it was meant to be? Lower the price by offering it in affordable base model cars. We can’t afford to save that much in fuel if the truck is $50,000+. Rich people driving Yukons and Expeditions don’t care about cost. But the majority of us do. Even VW only offers diesel in the higher trim. Come on! Why did jeep fail. Liberty was a junk diesel, GC was too fancy and expensive. Mazda will pave the way on this one if they bring in the diesel CX-5 next year, as long as they keep the price down. As for the Amarok, if it costs as much as the diesel toureg, then what’s the point? I can’t afford to save that much money on fuel.

  • Steve Schulze

    I own an Amarok in Australia, up to 1,100 km to the tank (80 litres) and performs better with it’s 2 litre twin turbo diesel than the Toyota Hi-Lux crew cab , it’s now coming out with an 8 speed auto and will be available in single cab also. All I can say is that the farmers in Australia will snap them up in the single cab, just like the outback mining companies have done with the crew cab. America and Canada, look out for them, price is better than the competition too. mad if you don’t.

  • Steve Schulze

    George, VW do have 2 SUV’s, Touareg and Tiguan, both highly capable and economical. Cost isn’t a factor with diesel fuel compared to normal gas, the fact is a gallon of diesel will give better mileage too compared to gas, especially when towing or carrying a load.

  • Not Fooled

    Bring it to Canada, NOW. A 2.0L double cab diesel? Are you serious? I will buy it, as of yesterday. Please do not let the communist CAW Union which holds the big 3 automakers in the US and Canada by the throat and wastes my hard-earned tax dollar on the Union cabal to dictate to our provincial and federal governments what I as a consumer am “allowed” to buy – yet again. Enough of that mafia, I want this truck.

  • Not Fooled

    Amen to that….we need to demand the vehicles we really want, before the management listens. Slap a green sticker on it, who cares, the politicians don’t care about taxpayers, just CAW and UAW votes. Bring them, and they will sell.

  • TaldYa!

    Ford and others need to move to diesel engines in the pickup segment. Why on earth would you make a gasoline powered engine for a pickup? Expensive and inefficcient! It only works for the oil companies.

    I have a feeling like it is the oil companies pushing the car manuacturers not to come up with diesel engines in north america. The car manufacturers better listen to the consumers not the lobby guys!

    VW please give these big boys a lesson. Bring the wolf to Canada!

    If ford and others come up with diesel engines in no time after VW in the pickup segment what does this tell you? They had the ability but they chose not to! Why? The oil lobby did not want to lose the profits. Now you know….

  • Sdshawn29

    Why do we Americans keep getting screwed by the oil barons that must do back room deals with US auto makers that keep shoving bag mpg vehicles down our throughts , Wake up America look at what the same manufactures biuld in other countries with twice the milage and way cooler .

    Who do we need to through out of office to get something done , I want that VW truck in a diesel version here now WTF the problem

  • ascpgh

    VW must be afraid of the US marketplace and pickup trucks.

    My perspective is that the mid to compact half ton market, particularly a diesel option, is low hanging fruit that is extra juicy and ripe right now. The big makers seem to think no one is going to shed the image of a full size truck for one that is right-sized and powered by a diesel. 

    A 4×4 compact half ton powered by a diesel four with a 6-speed manual transmission would open the market right up. This isn’t rocket science, live axle rear under a ladder box-section frame, front longitudinal engine atop independent front end and a cab just big enough so my head isn’t banging off the back glass all the time and a diesel engine to achieve true flexibility of use and the economy which has vaporized from the segment as makers vie for share by adding cylinders, power and MPG that makes every fill-up part of the window sticker.

    I’d buy one of those early ’80s Isuzu P’ups with a diesel and 5-speed before I spent what this segment’s drugstore cowboy/Home Depot “contractor” models cost. woven cloth seats, vinyl or rubber flooring, just enough sound-deadening to make it civil and a reality dashboard, not electronic pandering to the video game mentality; you are driving a small work truck, you can be austere and feel rich. Chromed plastic will wear through in no time at all, leave that window dressing to the tuner goober models.

  • Enclave87_bud

    Dear VWoC:

    Please don’t make me travel to that shit hole Mexico to buy one of these.

    Sincerely, German-descended expat.

  • Judithrlp

    what  an ignorant cunt  you must be ,  you sir  put german people to shame  because of you idiotic comments

  • Judithrlp

    it has nothing to do with unions  , is merely economics  in other words , more money  for the oil companies, auto makers  will produce any car  , but  if the oil companies  can sell us more oil than needed , more profit for them

  • George

    The Touareg and the Tiguan are unibody SUV’s, the Amarok is frame based and there is little commonality with the rest of their American range.

    VW should produce the Amarok in the US with something like the 4Runner (that is based on the Tacoma), and the T5 Transporter/Eurovan (that was the source of the chasis and engine for the Amarok).

  • JJreal

    I would trade in my USA 1982 FWD VW Rabbit Diesel Pick-Up. I’m tired of fighting people off trying to buy my truck. I would love to own this new VW truck but it would have to be a Diesel. Come on VW with the Diesel fuel MPG savings it is time for your launch to the USA a small truck W/Diesel option.  

  • Jerry Klein

    Waiting for a long time for a fuel efficient diesel pick-up. Had an’86 diesel Jetta that made 723,000kms. My ’06 TDI has 305,000 on it to date. Living in the country a pick-up would be great!! 
    Going to the Calgary Car Show later this month. Hopefully somethings happening.

  • Rowen

    It is not the oil barons that keep these cars out. It is the US and State goverment that want to keep the high mileage cars off the roads. They like the gas tax.