BMW M1 Rumored to be Greenlit for Production

BMW M1 Rumored to be Greenlit for Production

Missing a flagship at the moment, BMW is being left out of the supercar segment Mercedes and Audi both have hands in, but that might change soon according to reports from Britain. 

Sporting a 600-hp turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 planted in the car’s midsection, BMW’s M1 supercar will be able to reach 62 mph (100 kms) in about three seconds. While the brand already has its i8 hybrid supercar on the way, the M1 will be completely different aside from sharing some body material. All this enticing info doesn’t mean anything without a promise that the car will be born, but according to AutoExpress, the green light has been lit.

An official announcement hasn’t been released by BMW yet, but with the auto show season on its summer hiatus you shouldn’t expect to hear anything for a few months at the very least.

Should the rumblings prove to be true, expect a concept to appear sometime in 2014 with features like dynamic flaps that adjust to increase aerodynamics at higher speeds and extensive carbon fiber borrowed from the i8 to cut weight well below the Audi R8. It’s also likely to be inspired by the M1 hommage car seen above, albeit with less retro styling.

[Source: AutoExpress]