For decades, the 3 Series was the cornerstone of BMW’s product lineup. Things are different now, as crossovers and SUVS rule the market. Luckily, BMW is well represented in this regard. The X1 and X2 cover the small end of the crossover spectrum while the X3 remains the brand’s best-seller. There is a similar sized crossover coupe called the X4, just like the midsize X5 has its X6 coupe counterpart. The three row SUV segment is covered by the X7. Soon, there will be a range topping XM. 

On the car front, there is the small 2-series that slots below the 3 series sedan and 4 series coupe/convertible. The 5 series and 7 series sedans soldier on along with the 8 series grand tourer and Z4 roadster. 

BMW’s “i” division has been recently overhauled with the addition of the new i4 sedan, i7 sedan, and iX SUV. Of course, BMW is well-known for its M performance division, building cars like the M3, M5, X6 M, and X5 M.

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