The current Volvo lineup exudes Swedish style in more shapes and sizes than ever before. Most use a variation on the brand’s 2.0-liter engine, using a turbo, a supercharger, and/or  hybrid system depending on trim. The brand’s smallest offering is the newest member of the family, the compact XC40 crossover. It takes the styling of the brand’s original SUV, the XC90, in a more playful, boxy direction. It can be had as a mild hybrid or a fully electric vehicle. And while on the topic of electric vehicles, there is also the more hatchback-like C40 EV. 

The XC90 itself continues as the flagship of the brand, while the XC60 splits the difference between it and the XC40. Both the XC90 and XC60 can be had as mild hybrids or full-fledged Plug-in Hybrids. The same is true for the brand’s two sedans, sporty S60 and full-size S90.

Of course there are still a small stable of raised-up cool wagons to choose from as well, with the V60 Cross Country and V90 Cross Country. But only the smaller V60 can be had as a plug-in hybrid. 

Watch for the all electric EX90 to join the lineup later this year. 

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