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    Bridgestone Launches New WeatherPeak Touring Tire

    Bridgestone announced their new WeatherPeak touring tire on Jun 14, 2022. This tire is the first in the company’s history to earn Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certification (3PMSF). Tires that carry the 3PMSF designation offer better traction in snow than traditional all-season tires. “The Bridgestone WeatherPeak tire leverages our latest technology innovations to push the all-season…

    McCulloch Steamer Test and Review

    We bought and tested the top selling McCullough steam cleaner on Amazon to see if it was as good as the reviews said, and how well a steamer works for cleaning cars.

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    AutoGuide’s eBay Deals of The Week

    Welcome to AutoGuide Deals of the Week. Do you have the time to scour the internet to find the best deals on auto parts and accessories? Looking for deals on the internet isn’t a perfect science. There’s luck and chance involved. You have to endlessly compare sites and shuffle through lists and message boards. But…

    First New Tire Plant in 70 Years Opens in Akron

    Akron, Ohio, is in a very real way the home of tire manufacturing in North America, going back to B. F. Goodrich in 1870. Make that the former home, as by the 21st Century, a city that had once been defined by rubber manufacturing was now more famous for abandoned factories and crumbling infrastructure.  But…

    The Best Truck Bed Liners

    Adding a bed liner can help protect your truck (and its resale value). Here are some of our favorite drop in and spray on options.