2024 Buick Envista ST Review: Fancy Footwork

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, enjoyed an incredible meal, and ended up shocked at the bill—because it’s so low? Buick evidently has.

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Ferrari Patents Unholy Upside-Down Twin-Charged Hydrogen Inline-Six

“Hydrogen is for people who can’t build engines,” or something like that. It's tough to tell if Enzo might be in any way displeased with an inline-six, twin-turbo, and supercharged hydrogen engine. On the surface, the patent filings discovered by AutoGuide certainly sound like sacrilege coming from a brand that prides itself on its naturally aspirated V12. Yet the filings don’t lie, and Ferrari SPA has filed patents for exactly that.

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Enter to Win a TopDon TopScan ODB2 Scanner
McLaren's Sexiest Convertible Yet
The Best Truck Seat Covers

We’ve driven trucks that cost close to $100,000, but even if yours is a more reasonable workhorse, it still makes sense to protect it with a set of the best truck seat covers. Truck seat covers aren’t what they used to be, though. Today, you can order modern truck seats that rival luxury cars of a few years ago. Made with a perfect fit, perforations so your backside can breathe, and even seat heaters. Don’t get us wrong, you can still get the old saddle blanket cover to use as a cover, which is a cool option in the right truck. But seat covers have changed and improved immensely since those days.

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Gear Up for F1 2024: Formula 1's Top 10 Circuits

As the Formula 1 season prepares to launch with the much-anticipated Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend, the motorsport world is abuzz with excitement and speculation. Interest has surged, as evidenced by a 200% increase in searches for the "2024 F1 schedule" over the last three months, signalling a keen anticipation for the high-octane drama and competition that Formula 1 uniquely delivers. This year, the season promises an exhilarating mix of strategic duels, technical prowess, and sheer speed, played out across some of the most legendary circuits in motorsport history.

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Mitsubishi’s Twin Motor S-AWC Makes Driving on Ice Boring

For a good engineer, twin motor is better than mechanical. The mechanical AWD system automatically distributes torque. With electric, the engineers have to work more to make the system work together.

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Top 11 American Supercars of All Time
Save $70 on the Pickup Truck Tire Inflator Fanttik X9 Ultra

If you’ve ever walked to your car or truck in the morning and saw one of your tires low, you know how valuable a quality tire inflator can be. And not every tire inflator is up to a big job like inflating a truck or Jeep tire. But we have good news! Right now you can save 28% on a Fanttik X9 Ultra Portable Tire Inflator – that’s a discount of $70 by checking the COUPON plus using the code X9ULTRA3IN1.

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2024 Volkswagen ID.4 Gets Big Updates

For 2024, Volkswagen has introduced a host of updates to the ID.4 electric crossover. Three trims will be available. A base model, followed by S and S Plus models, the latter of which tops out the range. Each trim is available with the choice between a 62 kWh battery and an 82kWh one, as well as rear or all-wheel drive. Arguably the biggest change comes to models equipped with the optional 82kWh battery pack.

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Autel MaxiCharger AC Lite Home EV Charger Review

The home EV charger market has changed significantly since I took delivery of my first EV (Tesla Model 3) in 2018. Back then, buying a Tesla made it simple and straightforward when it came time to choosing a home EV charger because of its (at the time) proprietary plug. I did, however, shop around for J1772 chargers in the chance that in the future I decided I no longer wanted a Tesla. Back then, there weren't too many options to choose from, which is why I ended up getting a Tesla Wall Connector since I really didn't want to use an adapter.

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Consumer Reports: 2024's Top 10 Cars For Your Money
Ford EVs Can Now Use Tesla Chargers: Here's How to Get a Free Adapter

Existing Ford EV owners have until June 30 to claim their adapters.

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2023 Mazda MX-5 Review: Commoving Commuter Conundrum

The Mazda MX-5 Miata has been reviewed countless times by us, in countless ways. There have been summer tests, track tests, winter tests, and comparison tests. As a perennial favorite among the staff here, we never pass up an opportunity to drive it.

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7 Passenger Vehicles: Top 10 Most Affordable

7-passenger vehicles are the sweet spot for MPVs; more accommodating than 6-passenger vehicles, but not necessarily as gargantuan as 8+ seaters.

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Lamborghini Huracan STJ Could Be The Supercar's Send-Off

Lamborghini has a penchant for two things: V12s and acronyms. This patent filing, uncovered by CarBuzz and AutoGuide, is the latter and hints at some things to come for what is now the V10’s last stand, the Huracan. Filings with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) show the automaker has filed patents for the names Huracan STJ and STJ. What it stands for is more of a mystery. Some V10 Joy? Sayonara V10 Joy? Given Lambo’s previously mentioned love of all words (especially Italian ones) shortened, it’s actually not super hard to extrapolate what the letters might mean.

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