The 2024 Volvo EX30 Replaces Its Speakers With A Center-Mounted Soundbar

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams
the 2024 volvo ex30 replaces its speakers with a center mounted soundbar

Volvo previews its smallest EV for the last time.

The Volvo EX30 is due to drop on June 7, yet that hasn’t stopped the brand from sending off one more preview of the baby EV crossover. These images are the most revealing yet, and the brand has given us more about what we can expect from the forthcoming model.

The latest visual preview is three images: two of the exterior, and one of the interior console. The exterior looks to fall in line with what we’ve seen from the EX90 flagship, albeit far smaller. The pixel-like boomerang headlights make their appearance here, alongside the floor-to-ceiling style taillights, yet again, something we’ve seen on the EX90. The interior features a big tablet-style center screen that looks to control most of the vehicle’s functions.

EX30 design UX teaser 1
EX30 design UX teaser 1

There are a lot of innovative features in the EX30, according to Volvo. The brand has attempted to centralize many of the vehicle’s features, to make things simpler. For example, the vehicle’s main speakers have been combined into a soundbar mounted near the windshield, not unlike that found on a home entertainment system. Because of that, there are no speakers in the doors. The central screen controls all functions and has information such as the driving direction, and even vehicle speed. Underneath the screen, sits the glovebox – a move that Volvo says both frees up space and makes it easier for both driver and passenger to use. The window switches are in the center console, too.

the 2024 volvo ex30 replaces its speakers with a center mounted soundbar

The EX30 will come with Google Assistant and wireless Apple CarPlay. The brand says the EX30 will come with “four distinct interior rooms,” Volvo speak for different interior trim and material options. One room incorporates recycled plastic “ made from waste items such as old window frames and roller shutters,” while another room uses waste denim to decorate the interior.

The 2024 Volvo EX30 will officially be unveiled on June 7.

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