Honda Debuts Funky New EV Concepts at CES 2024

At CES this week, Honda debuted two new electric concepts. One, an eye-catching electric “Saloon,” previews an electric sedan coming in 2026. The other, an electric van dubbed the “Space-Hub,” is far from a certainty in the North American market. Regardless, both preview the design language that can be expected from Honda going forward, as well as introducing a new Honda logo for the brand’s upcoming efforts.

The Honda Saloon concept is a look at a totally new lineup of EVs, and it certainly features the trappings of the next generation of EVs. The brand says that the interior makes use of sustainable materials, steer-by-wire technology, and new body control systems that promise to make driving EVs fun. Meanwhile, the Space-Hub is designed to be just that- a hub that will connect “people to each other and the outside world.” The concept is designed to carry plenty of people in plenty of comfort, and in a unique way, thanks to its roundtable-style seating layout.

Both the Saloon and the Space-Hub are part of Honda’s new 0 Series range of cars. The two are a mere starting point, and Honda says that each new 0 Series product will adhere to three main principles: “Thin, Light, and Wise.” 0 Series models will have thinner batteries, a lower floor, a heavy focus on sustainable materials use, and much-improved driver assistance features. Honda’s current crop of ADAS are far from bad, but the brand isn’t exactly at the forefront of driver assistance technology, either. Little other information on the upcoming 0 Series lineup is available now, but the brand did let slip that its new batteries will charge from 15%-80% capacity in around 10-15 minutes, which is largely on par with that of many other brands using 800-volt architecture, like Kia and Hyundai. The concepts preview a seismic shift at Honda and one that looks set to start in 2026 with the arrival of the production version of the Saloon concept.

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Chase Bierenkoven
Chase Bierenkoven

Chase is an automotive journalist with years of experience in the industry. He writes for outlets like Edmunds and AutoGuide, among many others. When not writing, Chase is in front of the camera over at The Overrun, his YouTube channel run alongside his friend and co-host Jobe Teehan. If he's not writing reviews of the latest in cars or producing industry coverage, Chase is at home in the driver's seat of his own (usually German) sports cars.

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