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One of the many things we love about running a diesel engine is how long it will run. You can pack in a lot of mileage without needing major repair - as long as you take care of the motor and keep things clean. One of the systems that needs routine cleaning is the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) / AdBlue® / Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. Rislone has just the thing with its new DEF Crystal Clean™ Diesel DEF & SCR Emissions System Cleaner.

Going DEF

Diesel engines traditionally have been known for being fairly “green” in that they burn clean and use diesel fuel pretty efficiently compared to a regular combustion engine. The problem came from emissions. That’s where DEF came in. DEF is a combination of vehicle-grade synthetic urea and de-ionized water that the DEF system injects into a diesel engine’s exhaust. Once introduced into the exhaust, it breaks down the bad part of the emissions transforming it into non-hazardous nitrogen and water. This reduces the bad emissions by up to 90% and therefore making the engine pass stringent emissions standards. Most modern diesel engines made after 2010 uses a DEF system.

The rub with DEF systems is that urea, even synthetic urea, can and will crystalize, which can clog the DEF system and land your vehicle in limp mode until you repair it. With most diesel trucks, limp means undriveable. The crystalized urea forms a white, odorless crystal or clump of crystal that can clog nozzles, sensors, and just about anything else. That’s where the new Rislone DEF Crystal Clean™ Diesel DEF & SCR Emissions System Cleaner comes in. It can help you avoid costly repairs (sometimes upwards of $3,000) and save you serious downtime.

Time to Clean

The new Rislone DEF Crystal Clean™ Diesel DEF & SCR Emissions System Cleaner does exactly what you think it should. It cleans your DEF system, dissolving the crystalized urea. This makes everything work and flow at optimal performance. By using it every 5,000 miles or so, it will help clean your DEF system. It removes urea crystal buildup that may have occurred. More diesel vehicle owners across North America are starting to see issues and should a breakdown occur, it leads to a rather difficult and expensive repair.

Rislone DEF Crystal Clean™ Diesel DEF & SCR Emissions System Cleaner is essentially a “liquid repair plus maintenance” formula. After all, the best way to avoid a costly breakdown is to prevent it from ever being needed. Whether you are relying on your diesel engine for work, or using it as your daily driver, making this new product from Rislone part of your regular maintenance schedule makes a ton of sense.

About Rislone

Rislone is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1921. The company is based in Holly, Michigan and is located near Detroit, the hub for all things automotive. Rislone has always been viewed as a “premium” additive company. Rislone caters to everyday commuters, owners of high-mileage vehicles, and especially enthusiasts. Rislone’s newest (and very successful) product lines are specifically for diesel engines. The company has introduced some of the most effective diesel products available anywhere, and customer reviews back that up. All development and sourcing is done in the USA. You can learn more about the company and the products they make on the Rislone website.

Rislone DEF Crystal Clean™ Diesel DEF & SCR Emissions System Cleaner is available at AutoZone (all locations nationwide),, and

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