The Plug-in Hybrid with the Longest Range: Top 10 List

Not all Plug-in Hybrids are created equally. Some offer minimal all-electric driving range. Others though, have the ability to drive longer distances without the need of an  internal combustion engine. 

How much electric range a vehicle has depends on many factors. The size of the electric motor(s), the storage capacity of the battery pack, the weight of the vehicle, aerodynamics, etc. It’s not always a case pricing either, where a more expensive vehicle automatically means better range. Some of the more affordable plug-in hybrids offer exceptional range, while some of the pricier options out there do not. 

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To help navigate the world of plug-in hybrids, we have gathered the top ten vehicles that offer the most all-electric driving range on a single charge. They are listed below in ascending order. 

10. Hyundai Tucson Plug-in Hybrid – 33 miles

Starting the list is Hyundai‘s new plug-in hybrid compact crossover. This is the fastest growing segment for plug-in hybrids, with nearly half the entries on this list being small SUVs. With 33 miles of range on a single charge, the Tucson offers the 10th most all electric range of any plug-in currently on sale. When the electric charge does run out, the 261 hp Tucson is rated to achieve a combined average of 80 MPGe in mixed driving conditions. 

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8. Volvo XC60 T8 Recharge Extended Range – 35 miles

Volvo is on an aggressive strategy to fully convert the brand’s vehicles to be 100% electric in the near future. Currently, several of the manufacturer’s models come as hybrids and some even as plug-in hybrids. The compact XC60 T8 Recharge Extended Range features a turbocharged and supercharged four-cylinder engine paired up to an electric motor. It all generates an impressive 455 hp of total output. Just as impressive, the compact SUV can travel 35 miles on a single charge and delivers an official 57 MPGe.

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8. Volvo XC90 T8 Recharge Extended Range – 35 miles

The same plug-in hybrid drivetrain found in the XC60 can also be had in the larger XC90 T8 Recharge Extended Range. That means the three-row SUV is equipped with a combined 455 hp and, despite its heavier weight, it can still travel the same 35 miles on a single charge. But due to its larger size, the XC90 delivers slightly worse fuel efficiency figures, rated at 55 MPGe in combined driving. 

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6. Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid – 37 miles

The Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid is one of the few SUVs on this list that only comes with front-wheel drive. Although it could hamper poor-weather capabilities, it does a lot to improve fuel efficiency and all-electric driving range. With 221 total horsepower under the hood, the electrified Escape can travel upwards of 37 miles on a single charge and is officially rated at 105 MPGe. But with a smaller electric motor, careful use of the accelerator needs to be used to remain in the all electric drive mode. 

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6. Lexus NX 450h+ – 37 miles

2022 Lexus NX 450h First Drive Review

Tying the Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid by delivering 37 miles of all-electric range is Lexus‘ compact SUV, the NX 450h+. Unlike the Escape though, the NX utilizes a gasoline engine combined with a pair of electric motors, one front and one rear. This makes the Lexus all-wheel drive, or electronically enabled AWD since there is no driveshaft to the rear wheels. Total system power is rated at 304 hp and the NX 450h+ has an official fuel economy rating of 84 MPGe.

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5. Volvo S90 T8 Recharge Extended Range – 38 miles

As mentioned, Volvo is on an aggressive transformation into an all electric vehicle manufacturer and nearly half the entries on this list come from the Swedish brand. The large S90 sedan can be had in the T8 Recharge Extended Range trim which means it receives the twin-charged, dual electric motor drivetrain good for 455 combined horsepower. Being a more aerodynamic shape than the Volvo SUVs appearing earlier on this list, the S90 is capable of travelling 38 miles on a single charge and delivers 63 MPGe. 

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4. Volvo S60/V60 T8 eAWD Polestar Engineered Extended – 41 miles

The final, and most efficient Volvos to appear on this list are the S60 sedan and V60 wagon siblings. Powered by the 455 hp drivetrain, the smaller sedan and wagon can travel 41 miles on a single charge. It’s quite an impressive number, especially considering the amount of power this car makes. Fuel economy figures are also higher than the S90 sedan, with the S60 sedan and V60 wagon both achieving 69 MPGe ratings. 

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3. Toyota RAV4 Prime – 42 miles

The Toyota RAV4 Prime is an impressive vehicle. Not only does it boast the most all-electric range of any SUV, but it’s also all-wheel drive and a compact, affordable mainstream vehicle. Like its corporate cousin, the Lexus NX 450h+, the RAV4 Prime uses a gasoline engine coupled to a pair of electric motors for a total system output of 302 hp. With 42 miles of range, perhaps the RAV4’s most impressive trait is that even under all electric power, the two motors combine to produce 232 hp which is more than enough to propel the SUV. 

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2. Honda Clarity Plug-in Hybrid – 47 miles

The mainstream car with the most all-electric range might be a bit of a surprise. Better known as a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Honda Clarity makes for a very impressive plug-in hybrid as well. It features a hybrid drivetrain that is good for 212 total system horsepower and returns a very impressive 110 MPGe in combined driving. And with a range of 47 miles on a single charge, many daily commutes will never have to see the gasoline engine turn on. 

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1. Polestar 1 – 52 miles

The plug-in hybrid with the most all electric range is the Polestar 1. This 619 hp luxury coupe is a limited production vehicle and there is an argument to be made that maybe it shouldn’t be on this list. But with 52 miles of all electric range, it does hold the title of the longest range plug-in hybrid currently on sale. But as innovation in the automotive industry never stops, it probably won’t be long until something comes along that exceeds its range. 

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Mike says:

Absolutely agree, that whole EV race of >300 mileage is totally unnecessary. About 95% of the time, one drives a big, heavy battery around that needs to be paid for as well and the actual daily usage is less than 60 miles a day for almost all people.
What is needed in my opinion is a plug-in hybrid with about 80 miles of range and a combined ICE engine that gives us >43 mpg – that would fit the bill – and make it a crossover because that is what most people want. I believe the RAV4 prime is almost there – a little more EV range and with its AWD option and mild off-road capability it would satisfy most people.

Donald says:

I was JUST thinking this. I regularly drive 75 miles for work in my Nissan Leaf Plus (220 mile range). If I could have a 100-mile-range-battery (because you will get less than 100 miles when running the heater in winter) but with Tesla-like acceleration (NOT Prius-slow acceleration. Let ME decide if I wanna put my foot in it and have fun/less range sometimes), that would be great.

Then, a four cylinder that kicks in after the battery depletes, ONLY to run a generator NOT drive the wheels directly. THAT would be a perfect series hybrid.

Contractors like myself need to drive more than the average commuter, but I still don’t regularly need the larger sized battery I have. But a 30-40KWH battery (without ICE generator) is not enough range in winter.

So a “Goldilocks” car is what automakers need to work towards. A Texas-urban-sprawl vehicle that can still take a road trip. Where is that?

Randy Brown says:

Chevy – Bring back the VOLT!!! It’s way too early to force all-electric on everyone. Grid is already buckling under pressure and it just makes sense/cents!

Mike Hodges says:

That description fits the BMW i3 REX exactly, the 650cc twin cylinder motorbike engine in the back kicks in to supply electricity when battery level is exhausted after 100 miles plus, providing an additional 90 odd miles range. In the 4 years I have owned one ‘range anxiety’ has never been an issue. even on 300 mile journeys if you plan ahead and if for any reason you cant find an EV charging point, another tank of petrol will get you out of trouble.

Steve says:

I drive a now discontinued 2017 Chevy Volt that has 53 miles of pure electric range. The gas engine/generator kicks in as a serial hybrid after the battery depletes giving me an additional 260 miles of hybrid range. Why they discontinued this great car is beyond me.
I rarely need to use up the full electric range for my daily use. For all intents, this car is a pure electric for me. I burn off the gas tank about 3 times a year on purpose because I don’t want stale gas sitting in there. This is the answer to our gasoline and oil crisis. We need the longer range plug in hybrids, not more pure electric cars which are expensive and carries that unnecessary large capacity battery.

George says:

So much common sense, why don’t the car makers read this!

Alex says:

Bring back an updated volt with 75-100 mile battery range. Or even the last 50+ battery only range.

Greg says:

This type of Hybrid (Plug-in, more dependent on battery than gasoline power) is what I think the auto industry needs to move toward. All EV vehicles are very limiting on a whole bunch of levels noted in these comments. The one additional feature that would be great in these “More battery than gasoline” hybrids would be some user-selectivity in just how much battery v.s. ICE balance there is.