Luxury Hybrid SUV: 10 Great Picks

Kyle Patrick
by Kyle Patrick

Enjoying the nicer side of driving and saving fuel don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Nowadays, nearly every automaker offers at least a few hybrid models. This includes luxury marques, and their SUV lineups are included. The luxury hybrid SUV is a sweet spot in the market, with the premium feel and elevated driving experience buyers crave, while addressing the weak point of the body style: fuel economy.

For the purposes of this list, we’ve excluded “mild hybrids,” those models that use a more powerful integrated starter motor for things like highway coasting or advanced start-stop. Every model on this list is capable of traveling at least a short distance on nothing but electrons. In fact, many of them are plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs). Plug-ins allow owners to accomplish most short-distance daily trips without even waking the ICE, making them ideal for urban and suburban folks.

With that in mind, read on for our top 10 luxury hybrid SUV choices, presented in alphabetical order.

Audi Q5 55 TFSI e quattro

Horsepower: 362 hp

Torque: 369 lb-ft

Fuel Economy: 61 mpg-equivalent / 26 mpg combined

Electric Range: 23 mi / 37 km

Price (USD): $59,695

Price (CAD): $79,715

The Reasoning: Audi’s best-selling model kicks off the list in 55 TFSI e quattro form, Audi-speak for a plug-in hybrid. The electrified Q5 pairs the brand’s ubiquitous 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with an electric motor and battery pack. This actually makes the Q5 PHEV the most powerful Q5 you can buy on this side of the Atlantic, eclipsing the performance-oriented SQ5.

The SQ5 can’t drive 23 miles (37 km) on electric power alone, however. The Q5 PHEV is also able to handle highway speeds of up to 84 mph (135 km/h) without waking the little four-cylinder engine. Starting from around $60,000 in the US, the Q5 55 TFSI e quattro is a consummate all-rounder.

BMW X5 xDrive50e

Horsepower: 483 hp

Torque: 516 lb-ft

Fuel Economy: 58 mpg-equivalent / 22 mpg combined

Electric Range: 40 mi / 64 km

Price (USD): $73,495

Price (CAD): $92,980

The Reasoning: The X5 was one of the first luxury SUVs out there. Over four generations, BMW has refined its mid-sizer into a powerhouse in the segment. The X5 is comfortable, spacious, full of modern tech, and pretty darned great to drive, too. BMW offers it in a multitude of flavors, from the pure, rear-drive six-cylinder model, right up to the 617-horsepower X5 M. If it were our money, though, we’d make a beeline for the xDrive50e.

In a lineup full of talent, the luxury hybrid SUV xDrive50e is the Goldilocks choice. This plug-in model uses the smooth and sweet 3.0-liter inline-six, a BMW classic pairing if ever there was one. From there the folks from Munich include a pair of electric motors and a large 25.7-kWh battery pack. With standard AWD, this handsome rig will do 40 miles (64 km) on nothing but electricity. Drivers also get control over when and how the electric motors are used, and can even top up the charge by way of the ICE. 483 combined system horsepower is more than enough, too. The only real drawback with picking the plug-in X5 is that it can’t include third-row seating—but then again, no X5 has for a few years now.

Bentley Bentayga Hybrid

Horsepower: 443 hp

Torque: 516 lb-ft

Fuel Economy: N/A

Electric Range: 18 mi / 29 km

Price (USD) : $206,350

Price (CAD): $260,500

The Reasoning: When the Germans seem too commonplace, you visit the crew in Crewe. Bentley’s big Bentayga SUV has been on the market for a few years now, with recent additions to the lineup including an extended wheelbase model and this hybrid. This is a drivetrain we’ll see a little later in the list; here, it’s good for a healthy 443 horsepower, courtesy of a 3.0-liter turbo-V6 and electric motor combo.

Being at least double the price of most everything else on this list, the Bentayga offers a similarly elevated driving experience. Air suspension and adaptive damping are standard, ensuring a smooth ride. Lush carpeting, fine leather, and thick, insulated glass combine to keep the outside world far from the serene cabin. Sure, its electric-only range barely gets Jeeves to the kid’s private school and back, but it’s a start. Speaking of starting: that $206,350 sticker is just the beginning, as Bentley offers myriad customization options to push the Bentayga even higher.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

Horsepower: 375 hp

Torque: 475 lb-ft

Fuel Economy: 56 mpg-equivalent / 23 mpg combined

Electric Range: 26 mi / 42 km

Price (USD): $62,285

Price (CAD): $75,190

The Reasoning: With a full refresh for the 2022 model year, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has graduated into a genuine luxury vehicle, especially in the higher grades. Open-pore wood and soft leather give the GC cabin a distinctly American vibe, and it continues to be as handy off-road as it is on the tarmac. While there are six- and eight-cylinder models to choose from, we like the 4xe plug-in hybrid. This setup, which first appeared in the Wrangler, unites a 2.0-liter engine with an electric motor, producing a system total of 375 hp and 475 lb-ft. For those keeping score, that’s more twist than the V8.

Like many of the other luxury hybrid SUV plug-ins on this list, the Grand Cherokee 4xe allows drivers to choose when it runs on just battery power. Want to run that trail in near-silence to really appreciate the sounds of nature? You got it. Higher trims pile on the tech, including things like night vision, but the 4xe starts at a reasonable $62,285 including destination. Do note that you’re limited to the two-row setup if you’re going plug-in; the three-row Grand Cherokee L skips it.

Land Rover Range Rover P550e

Horsepower: 542 hp

Torque: 406 lb-ft

Fuel Economy: 53 mpg-equivalent / 21 mpg combined

Electric Range: 51 mi / 82 km (est)

Price (USD): $142,575

Price (CAD): $168,280

The Reasoning: The Land Rover Range Rover is the de facto luxury SUV measuring stick. The S-Class of high-riders. Land Rover’s crown jewel entered a new generation for 2022, and it moved even further upmarket, with top models treading into Bentayga territory. Like the other Brit on this list, the Rangie comes in two lengths, one of which offers a plug-in powertrain.

Opt for the Range Rover P550e and you’ll find a silky-smooth inline-six under the hood. Land Rover pairs that with an 105.0-kW motor, with a 38.2-kWh battery under the floor. Official EPA figures for fuel economy are unavailable, but the all-electric range is quoted at 51 miles (82 km). You still get all the luxury features expected in the Rangie too, including 20-way adjustable leather seats, a solar attenuating windshield, three-zone climate control, flush exterior door handles, and more. Not only that, the P550e should be just as capable off-road as the rest of the family.

Lexus NX450h+

Horsepower: 304 hp

Torque: 332 lb-ft

Fuel Economy: 84 mpg-equivalent / 36 mpg combined

Electric Range: 37 mi / 60 km

Price (USD): $59,905

Price (CAD): $62,105

Reasoning: Despite being one of the earliest adopters of hybrids in the luxury space, it wasn’t until the 2022 model year that Lexus offered a plug-in. The NX450h+ is a smooth and powerful compact SUV, one that prioritizes comfort and fuel efficiency.

To that point, this is one of the more efficient models on this list, the EPA giving it a stellar 84 mpg-equivalent rating. We appreciate the longer EV-only range, too—the added advantage being less time hearing the thrashy 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine blare via the e-CVT. The NX also debuted Lexus’ stellar new infotainment system, which has leapfrogged from the back of the pack to being one of our favorite setups out there. It’s important to note that there’s also a more affordable NX350h if you’d rather skip the plug.

Lexus RX500h F Sport Performance

Horsepower: 366 hp

Torque: 406 lb-ft

Fuel Economy: 27 mpg combined

Electric Range: N/A

Price (USD): $64,100

Price (CAD): $83,705

Reasoning: Admit it, “sporty” and “Lexus RX” don’t go together naturally in your head. It’s okay, we were the same too. Then we drove the RX500h F Sport Performance.

While the vanilla RX lineup matches its little brother NX for the 350h and 450h+ trims, the 500h FSP is a new range-topper. This funky number eschews high-mpg for high-performance, pairing Lexus’ torquey 2.4-liter turbo-four with an integrated Power Control Unit and electric motor. A separate 80-kW “eAxle” sends power to the rear wheels. Lexus’ Direct4 all-wheel drive system shuffles the power around as it’s needed, and there’s even four-wheel steering to keep the RX agile. The result is a mature, luxury five-seater that can still produce a smile when the time’s right. It’s a different sort of RX, and it’s one we can support, taking a spot on our luxury hybrid SUV top 10 list.

Mercedes-Benz GLE 450e

Horsepower: 381 hp

Torque: 479 lb-ft

Fuel Economy: N/A

Electric Range: 40 mi / 64 km (estimated)

Price (USD): $70,650

Price (CAD): $90,100

Reasoning: The Mercedes-Benz GLE has long been a reliable choice for the mid-size set, leaning a bit more into the luxury side of things than the comparable BMW X5. Like that erstwhile competitor, the GLE saw a facelift for 2024, which saw a big improvement to the plug-in hybrid GLE 450e.

For the same price as the gas-only 450, the PHEV model swaps in a turbo-four and an electric motor pulling from a large, 23.3-kilowatt-hour battery pack. The result is what we expect to be one of the longer all-electric ranges for PHEVs. What's more, the Merc is one of the very few plug-ins out there to offer DC fast-charging.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

Horsepower: 463 hp

Torque: 479 lb-ft

Fuel Economy: 46 mpg-equivalent / 21 mpg

Electric Range: 50 mi / 80 km (estimated)

Price (USD): $93,350

Price (CAD): $107,650

Reasoning: The Porsche Cayenne has a rather unique distinction in this group. Of all 10 luxury hybrid SUV choices on this list, only Porsche’s original SUV comes with both a standard and “coupe” body style. It’s also the only one to offer three very different performance levels of plug-in hybrid, but we’re focusing on the regular E-Hybrid and skipping the pricier S and Turbo E-Hybrid.

Unless you need the bragging rights of that top model (or crave the V8 thunder of the GTS), the E-Hybrid might just be the sweet spot of the range. Its 463 horsepower eclipses that of a 911 Carrera S, yet it will carry five in comfort and return an average of 21 mpg. Perhaps best of all, the Cayenne really is the Porsche of SUVs; it’s athletic and engaging when few others this size are. Yes, it’s pricey—especially since finding an unoptioned one is bordering on impossible—but the E-Hybrid is a relative deal in the overall Cayenne family.

Volvo XC90 Recharge

Horsepower: 455 hp

Torque: 523 lb-ft

Fuel Economy: 66 mpg-equivalent / 26 mpg combined

Electric Range: 36 mi / 58 km

Price (CAD): $72,995

Price (USD): $92,015

Reasoning: Even though its all-electric EX90 successor is right on the horizon, we remain big fans of Volvo's XC90. The design has aged gracefully, all Scandinavian cool in a way the Germans and Brits can’t hope to match. The cabin is calming, with smart materials and an oh-so-soothing color scheme. Did we mention the XC90 has some of the most comfortable seats out there?

Volvo proved ahead of the curve when it debuted the all-four-cylinder engine lineup for this generation of XC90. The T8 Recharge saw an upgrade in 2022, with a larger 18.8-kWh battery pack nearly doubling the EV range to 36 miles (58 km). An outdated infotainment system is about our only complaint here. If you’re over every single vehicle being “sporty,” even the three-row SUVs, then the XC90 is mighty appealing. Want something smaller? Volvo will sell you the same drivetrain in the XC60, which is one heck of a sleeper.

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Kyle Patrick
Kyle Patrick

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