Top 10 Hybrid Cars With AWD

Kyle Patrick
by Kyle Patrick

Hybrids are gaining traction—both on the sales chart and on the road.

As every automaker looks for gas-engine efficiency gains wherever they can find them, hybrids have spread across the industry. At the same time, marketing departments have hit a home run with the push for all-wheel drive. (We have to say it: a good set of snow tires matters more when the white stuff is everywhere.)

Combine the two and you've got a potent pairing: more traction and better fuel economy. Hybrid cars with AWD now come in all shapes and sizes; here, in alphabetical order, are our 10 favorites.

BMW 330e xDrive

  • Outputs: 288 hp / 258 lb-ft of torque
  • Fuel Economy: 68 mpge / 3.4 Le/100 km
  • Electric Range: 20 mi / 34 km
  • Starting Price (USD): $48,595 (inc. dest.)
  • Starting Price (CAD): $61,380 (inc. dest.)

As good as BMW's inline-six is, the four-cylinder engine in the 330e is plenty peppy enough for the daily grind. Add in a 12.0 kilowatt-hour battery pack, and you've got a slight boost in performance plus the ability to do around 20 miles on nothing but electrons. It's available with the brand's xDrive AWD system as well—though fun fact, the regular rear-drive 330e is the only way for Canadians to still get a rear-drive 3 Series without moving to an M3.

BMW 750e xDrive

  • Outputs: 483 hp / 479 lb-ft of torque
  • Fuel Economy: NA
  • Electric Range: NA
  • Starting Price (USD): $107,995 (inc. dest.)
  • Starting Price (CAD): NA

BMW's brutalist 7 Series cuts an imposing silhouette in its latest form. For the current generation, buyers have plenty of propulsion choices too, from gas to full electric. The 750e combines both with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. While this big four-door is rear-drive as standard, buyers can opt for the xDrive setup as well. The result is a strong 483 horsepower and, like its 330e little brother, the ability to drive on pure electric power—in this case, up to 35 miles. Sorry, Canadians; the PHEV isn't an option for you.

Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray

  • Outputs: 655 hp / 470 lb-ft of torque
  • Fuel Economy: 19 mpg / 12.7 L/100 km
  • Electric Range: 3–4 mi / 5–6 km
  • Starting Price (USD): $106,595 (inc. dest.)
  • Starting Price (CAD): $141,099 (inc. dest.)

Yes, the Corvette has gone all-wheel drive. And hybrid. And it's super-quick.

The C8 generation has ushered in plenty of change for America's sports car. While the standard car debuted the mid-engined layout and the end of the manual transmission, the E-Ray adds a compact electric motor acting on the front axle. The hybrid setup isn't about efficiency—it's actually slightly worse than the regular Vette there—but about the added shot of torque out of corners. That's why the E-Ray is the quickest C8 to 62 mph (100 km/h). The added bonus? It'll do a handful of miles before the V8 springs to life, so you can let your neighbors sleep in before that Sunday drive.

Lexus LS 500h AWD

  • Outputs: 354 hp
  • Fuel Economy: 25 mpg / 9.2 L/100 km
  • Electric Range: NA
  • Starting Price (USD): $115,560 (inc. dest.)
  • Starting Price (CAD): $135,555 (inc. dest.)

Admit it: you kind of forgot about the Lexus LS. It's okay, we do too from time to time. The big limo that put the luxury scene on notice back in the '90s remains a super plush, left-field choice in the full-size segment. When this generation debuted, Lexus also introduced a new hybrid powertrain. Pairing a high-efficiency V6 with an electric motor results in 354 horsepower and a slight decrease in straight-line speed, all for an improved city fuel economy figure. The trick gearbox pairs the traditional power-split device with a four-speed automatic to simulate 10 gears.

Mercedes-Benz S 580e 4MATIC

  • Outputs: 362 hp / 369 lb-ft (gas), 148 hp (electric)
  • Fuel Economy: 51 mpge / 4.6 Le/100 km
  • Electric Range: 46 mi / 90 km
  • Starting Price (USD): $123,700 (inc. dest.)
  • Starting Price (CAD): $155,600 (not inc. dest.)

Following the big sedan trend, we find the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in its plug-in hybrid form. The S 580e pairs the brand's sweet-and-smooth inline-six turbo engine with an electric motor for a combined output of roughly 500 horsepower, though how the two deliver their power is very different. This limo is still quick in many ways, however: it'll run to 62 mph in under 5 seconds, while the large 28.6-kWh battery pack is capable of DC fast charging. This might just be the best current S-Class you can buy; in other words, the best Benz.

Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid

  • Outputs: 455 hp / 516 lb-ft (4 E-Hybrid), 552 hp / 554 lb-ft (4S E-Hybrid), 690 hp / 641 lb-ft (Turbo S E-Hybrid)
  • Fuel Economy: 48–52 mpge / 4.5–4.9 Le/100 km
  • Electric Range: 17–19 mi / 27–31 km
  • Starting Price (USD): $110,450 (inc. dest.)
  • Starting Price (CAD): $124,650 (inc. dest.)

We swear, we're almost done with the luxury German sedans. The Porsche Taycan may get the lion's share of the attention as the brand's all-electric cutting edge model, but the venerable Panamera is the one that offers the most variety. Not only are there three body styles—standard, long wheelbase, and sleek Sport Turismo wagon—there are three different plug-in hybrid powertrains. Even the "base" Panamera 4 E-Hybrid throws down with 455 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, with a dash to highway speeds in the low 4s. It just gets quicker from there, with the bonkers Turbo S E-Hybrid spitting out 690 hp and accomplishing the dash in an even 3 seconds. It's the priciest car on this list, however, and the Porsche's smaller battery means a shorter EV-only range.

Toyota Corolla Hybrid AWD

  • Outputs: 138 hp / 105 lb-ft
  • Fuel Economy: 44–48 mpg / 4.9–5.3 L/100 km
  • Electric Range: NA
  • Starting Price (USD): $25,795 (inc. dest.)
  • Starting Price (CAD): $28,710 (inc. dest.)

Get ready for some pricing whiplash: you could buy four Toyota Corolla Hybrids for the price of one of the S 580e models listed above. The humble Corolla saw an important update for the 2023 model year, expanding the hybrid availability and adding AWD. The result is the pick of the compact car's sizeable litter—unless you want a hot hatch, in which case it's GR Corolla time. With a sub-$30k price tag, the Corolla offers a totally rational, practical, and very fuel-efficient daily driver package.

Toyota Crown

  • Outputs: 236 hp (XLE and Limited), 340 hp (Platinum)
  • Fuel Economy: 30–41 mpg / 5.7–7.8 L/100 km
  • Electric Range: NA
  • Starting Price (USD): $41,145 (XLE, inc. dest.)
  • Starting Price (CAD): $53,850 (Limited, inc. dest.)

Next up on the this article's very own Toyotathon is the confounding Crown. A long-running and storied nameplate back home, the Crown hadn't been seen in decades on these shores until this high-rise sedan landed in late 2022. Like the next Toyota on this list, it's unique in being exclusively hybrid-powered; going further, it's the only one to check the other requirement box of this list on all trims. Whether you go for the fuel-efficient XLE or Limited, or the 340-horsepower—and surprisingly fun—Platinum, the Crown has a unique style that sets it apart on the road.

Toyota Prius AWD

  • Outputs: 196 hp
  • Fuel Economy: 49–54 mpg / 4.8 L/100 km
  • Electric Range: NA
  • Starting Price (USD): $30,145 (LE, inc. dest.)
  • Starting Price (CAD): $39,010 (XLE, inc. dest.)

You've heard it everywhere, yet it bears repeating: the Prius is cool now. With a wicked, wind-swept look and a playful cabin design, the de facto hybrid poster child has become one of the most exciting everyday cars on the market. Toyota has given it a major power boost too, with 194 hp for the front-drive model and 196 hp for AWD cars, the latter of which is standard in Canada. It's still incredibly efficient too; somehow better than the Corolla, even. Sadly, if you want the excellent Prius Prime plug-in, you're still left with front-drive only.

Volvo S60 T8 Recharge

  • Outputs: 455 hp / 523 lb-ft
  • Fuel Economy: 74 mpge / 3.0 L/100 km
  • Electric Range: 40 mi / 64 km
  • Starting Price (USD): $53,045 (inc. dest.)
  • Starting Price (CAD): $54,950 (inc. dest.)

We end this list with a cool and calm Scandinavian. The Volvo S60 is one of our favorite premium sedans: handsome, spacious, smooth-riding and, in T8 Recharge form, seriously quick. The Swedish company recently revamped the plug-in hybrid T8 models, dropping in a larger-capacity battery and stronger motors. The result is a 455-horsepower four-door that's something of a bargain at well under $60,000. When you aren't keeping Mustangs honest, the S60 will happily do 40 miles (64 km) on pure electric power, too.

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Kyle Patrick
Kyle Patrick

Kyle began his automotive obsession before he even started school, courtesy of a remote control Porsche and various LEGO sets. He later studied advertising and graphic design at Humber College, which led him to writing about cars (both real and digital). He is now a proud member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC), where he was the Journalist of the Year runner-up for 2021.

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  • Don Don on Oct 31, 2023

    ok just a slight modification on your snow tires being better than AWD.

    yes in an exact vehicle to vehicle situation SNOW tires ARE Better but SUV's give back what some older cars had and it is called GROUND (SNOW) CLEARANCE.

    With todays extremes in weather and Municipalities being short staffed on plow drivers. (not usually bringing out hte blades until at least 6 inches fall.

    I will take my AWD suv with all seasons up against any of your snow tired cars on the list.

    oh yeah you will be hadicapped with 10 inches of snow on the street (15 in the medians and intersections) and we shall see who makes it home first.

    • David David on Nov 01, 2023

      Well, I’m retired so when there’s that much snow, I can watch those that have to be out enjoy navigating the clogged streets from my living room. But when the snow isn’t like Armageddon, my GS350 AWD does very well. And when the weather is nice, you’re driving an SUV and I’m driving a very nice sports sedan. 😉

  • Tre81939988 Tre81939988 on Nov 01, 2023

    I too am retired however replaced my 2013 Prius in 2020 with an AWD Ford Escape Hybrid and I get 36-40 mpg that uses the Toyota Hybrid system that Ford bought from Toyota. So far so good.