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It’s quite the world we live in today, and because of that, you need to cover yourself with as much security as possible. When you’re behind the wheel, things can get crazy and out-of-hand in a hurry. It is best to have some way to back up your side of events, and a dash cam is a great solution. The problem with some dash cam systems is simple - they don’t offer enough resolution to be of any use. That is where BlackVue comes in with its latest line of DR970X Plus Series systems that provide 4K resolution and a host of features that ensure you have the added peace of mind you want.

A New Dash Cam Form Factor

If you are looking at investing in a dash cam, you want to make sure it has the features you need, and you’ll find all of them in the BlackVue DR970X Box Plus series. One important thing is a low profile. You want to avoid a big, bulky camera sitting on your dash, and the DR970X Box Plus series is anything but that. In fact, the front camera is almost as small as a rear auxiliary camera. It is very difficult to see at first glance and for many, you’d have to know it was there to even look for it.

A dash cam won’t do you much good if you can’t access the recorded video. The DR970X Box Plus series securely stores the recorded video in a separate, protected storage box that can be mounted in a secure, out of the way spot in your car. This way, someone can’t simply grab the dash cam from your car and run off with any evidence. It also provides more storage and can be locked in for additional security, too. The box unit also contains the camera’s main chipset, which helps the whole system run much cooler than your average dash cam.

An inherent flaw of standard dash cams is to pack all the heat-generating components in the front unit, which is itself mounted on the windshield, in direct sunlight. At best, excessive heat can cause the camera to shut down, potentially failing to record crucial footage. At worst, it could cause physical damage to the components. Therefore, having the important electronic chip in the storage box and mounting it away from direct sunlight drastically reduces both the risk of overheating and damage in the long run.

Now With 4K Sony STARVIS 2 Sensor!

One of the issues many people have had with dash cam footage is that it is low resolution and very grainy. BlackVue solved that issue by going with new 4K Sony STARVIS 2 sensors. Even though the 4K resolution in itself is not new, not all 4K sensors are made equal. The DRX970 Plus models have the amazing IMX678 sensor in the front camera This gives you a better dynamic range and the best low-light sensitivity available. The main cameras have an f/1.7 aperture lens that gathers more light and also allows for faster shutter speed. The result is a faster camera with a crisper image that reduces blurring for the best possible picture quality.

There are several models of the new 4K Plus series. The DR970X Box-2CH Plus, with standard rear camera gives you security for anything going on behind your car, such as road incidents, or parking mishaps.

The DR970X Box-2CH IR Plus model is known as the “Taxi” variant because it has a driver-facing ultrawide infrared camera, designed specifically to secure the interior of your vehicle. It boasts infrared LEDs that are invisible to your eye and that automatically activate based on the available light in your car. This is a big plus for ride share drivers looking for security, as well as other options.

The standard Cloud-compatible DR970X Plus Series also gets the STARVIS 2 treatment. It comes in three variants:

  • The DR970X-1CH Plus single-channel model that includes a port for a rear or interior camera
  • Dual-channel that is designed for front and rear recording
  • Driver-facing ultra wide infrared camera

Finally, the new DR970X-2CH LTE Plus model has a built-in LTE module for native cloud connectivity. It even lets you use it as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your car, supporting connections from up to five phones, tablet or computer.

BlackVue also improved the image signal processor tuning. What you get is an image that looks dramatically better, especially at night and in high-contrast scenes where most other cameras struggle to preserve the ever-so-important details. The new 4K Plus models also feature a 10-second buffer meaning you will have 10 seconds of video before the triggering event. Those include detected motion in Motion and Impact Parking Mode, Manual Events triggered via the touch sensor on the side of the camera, or impact sensed by the accelerometer while driving or parked.

These cameras also use the High-Efficiency Video Coding compression algorithm HEVC/H.265 codec as the default, while also giving users the ability to choose the more widely supported AVC/H.264 codec. HEVC preserves details better and also allows recording at a higher bitrate of 60 Megabits per second and lower settings are also available.

All Featuring BlackVue Cloud

All the latest models are compatible with BlackVue Cloud, either via an optional BlackVue LTE connectivity module, third-party Wi-Fi hotspot or, as in the case of the DR970X-2CH LTE Plus, thanks to a built-in LTE antenna a SIM card reader. BlackVue Cloud lets users make the most out of their dash cams by adding peace of mind features such as automatic event video upload and impact notification alerts.

Learn more about them on the BlackVue website.

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