Hyundai Dramatically Cuts Price Of Ioniq 6; $1,765 Less Than Model 3

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

Hyundai lopped $4,100 off the electric sedan’s base price.

Hyundai’s really on a roll here. For 2024, It’s significantly cut the base price of the Ioniq 6 sedan by a huge amount. Now, the Ioniq 6 can be had for a grand total of $38,615, including the $1,115 destination fee. That’s a pretty strong bargain.

Keep in mind that this is for the 149-horsepower, 53-kWh, 240-mile base SE standard range RWD model. The other models have also got cuts anywhere between $2,450, and $3,050 depending on the trim. For example, the range leading 361 mile SE RWD model, is now $43,656, or $3,050 cheaper than last year. Hyundai told Car And Driver that these price cuts come from improved production efficiencies and scaling, allowing the brand to market the car even cheaper.

This makes the Ioniq 6 one of the best deals on the EV market, undercutting models like the Tesla Model 3, at least, on paper. The Model 3 is about $2,000 more expensive, but it qualifies for the full $7,500 tax credit, which puts it underneath the Ioniq 6 again – the Hyundai is ineligible for any federal tax credits. However, Tesla has openly stated that the Model 3 may not qualify for the full tax credit in 2024.

Regardless, we like the Ioniq 6. Its sleek shape, easy-to-use nature, and attractive pricing should make it a hit amongst EV buyers who are more than a little price-sensitive. Unfortunately, the Canadian market pricing of the Ioniq 6 remains unchanged.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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