Volvo EX90 To Feature Eco-Friendly Interior Made Of Recycled Materials

Kevin Williams
by Kevin Williams

The Volvo EX90 promises customizable “rooms” and a forward-thinking, memorable interior experience.

Similar to the recently unveiled Volvo EX30, the Volvo EX90, eschews traditional trim levels for its new models, trading that for a concept that the brand calls “rooms.” Volvo has recently revealed some of the inspiration and rationale for the rooms on the EX90.

Volvo and its designers are leaning heavily on the experiential, married to nostalgia, with a focus on the eco-friendly. With that, Volvo designers aimed to be intentional with the materials it chose for the EX90. Designers were looking for things that not only left a lasting impression, but natural, recycled, and renewable sources. “We have worked to redefine luxury by using more sustainable lightweight materials that really feel tactile and are of great premium quality,” said Lisa Reeves, head of interior design at Volvo Cars.

EX90 - Interior Designer Marie Stark

For starters, the brand is skipping traditional leather or cloth, and opting to use a material Volvo calls “Nordico.” Nordico is made from recycled textiles and PET plastics, and biopolymers made from materials made from trees in Finland and Sweden. Similarly, another material option is Nativa-certified wool. To be Nativa-certified, the source harvesting the wool must meet a very strict standard of animal welfare, environmental, and social issues. Lastly, the wood found in the interior is FSC certified. In all, Volvo says each EX90 uses more than 50KG of recycled materials.

This all sounds very interesting. Electric vehicles allow manufacturers to focus on other parts of the driving experience outside of a typical ICE engine or transmission. Could Volvo’s focus on interior experience and sustainable materials be just the ticket to set the EX90 apart from rivals? We’ll soon find out when the Volvo EX90 is released in 2024.

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Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams

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