Ford E-Transit Boosts Range and Charging for 2024

Kyle Patrick
by Kyle Patrick

Ford celebrates a decade of US production for the Transit, totalling over 1.2 million vans.

Ford this week announced upgrades to the E-Transit, the all-electric version of the brand's best-selling commercial van. The upgrades arrive in time to celebrate a decade of the van's domestic production.

Ford is quick to point out the E-Transit has become the best-selling electric van in not just Canada and America, but Europe as well. Using telematics, the brand found the average daily use case for commercial vans in North America was less than 75 miles (120 kilometers). Taking that into account, the upgraded range of 159 miles (254 km) for low-roof models is essentially double that distance. Ford accomplished this increase with a larger, 89.0-kilowatt-hour battery pack, 21 kWh more than before. That range increase is a bump of 26 percent.

What's more, the high-roof models see an even bigger increase, by 32 percent. Based on the 2023 model (range: 108 miles / 174 km), that suggests a full-charge range of around 143 miles (230 km), closing the gap between the two bodystyles.

Owners will spend less time charging, too. The new battery pack is joined by a pair of onboard chargers, with DC fast-charging rates now reaching up to 176 kW. A Level 2 charger should fully top up the battery in a little over six hours. This being a Ford, Pro Power Onboard is available, with 2.4 kW of power.

Power remains unchanged, with a 266-horsepower, 316-pound-foot rear-mounted electric motor.

Pricing for the 2024 E-Transit will start from $51,095 ($73,690 CAD) before destination, with deliveries set to start later this year.

Kyle Patrick
Kyle Patrick

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