3 Reasons the 2024 BMW X7 Excels at Comfort

Mike Schlee
by Mike Schlee

We recently spent a week with the 2024 BMW X7 M60i and were immediately enamoured with the levels of comfort it provides. As a six-figure SUV with a sports car heart (and fuel thirst), we expected the big Bimmer to be posh, but weren't prepared for how serene the driving experience is.

Coddling occupants is what the vehicle does best as we learned during our time with it. In the end, it was three key aspects of the X7 that really stood out to us. Below, we've summarized each one.

1. Ride Quality

We’ll start with the most noticeable and impressive feature of the X7 - the ride quality. Even though it’s classified as M specific, the adjustable air suspension swallows up medium-sized bumps with near invisibility. Driveway curbs, cracked pavement, minor potholes – none are felt inside the X7.

What’s a little odd is that more minor frost heave cracks and patch work can be heard and felt inside the cabin, but larger ones get mostly absorbed by the suspension. BMW has a done a good job controlling body motions as well. Some softer suspensions can feel floaty, like a boat caught in a rolling swell. That’s not the case here as the body remains relatively flat during regular accelerating, braking, and cornering procedures.

2. The Seats

Although the 2024 BMW X7 M60i is luxurious right out of the box, there are some premium options available. One such upgrade makes the front and second-row seats fully power adjustable, heated, and ventilated. Although this isn’t too uncommon in the world of three-row vehicles these days, there is one feature most second rows don’t get: a massage function.

In the X7 the front four passengers can enjoy a constantly contouring seat to help avoid any aches or pains on long drives. Having climate controlled, whole adjustable, and massaging seats means nothing if the seat itself is uncomfortable. With the X7 there’s no worry as the Merino leather is soft and the cushion support welcoming.

3. Everything at Your Fingertips

Comfort can also include convenience. Having to use minimal effort on simple tasks like closing a door or adjusting the HVAC is taken care of thanks to power operated soft close doors and gesture controls. To make sure everyone is comfortable temperature wise, the X7 M60i comes standard with a four-zone climate control system that can be upgraded to a five-zone unit.

The driver has door mounted controls that operate all the side window sunshades and the dual pane moonroof. Second row passengers also have this ability as both rear doors include controls for either side window sunshade as well as the two panoramic moonroof shades.

If the third row of the X7 needs to be used, the seat backs can be raised and lowered at the push of a button. If a bit more ingress or egress space is required to get occupants back there, the driver has a button that moves both the front passenger and second row right-hand seat forward to create a larger opening.

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Mike Schlee
Mike Schlee

A 20+ year industry veteran, Mike rejoins the AutoGuide team as the Managing Editor. He started his career at a young age working at dealerships, car rentals, and used car advertisers. He then found his true passion, automotive writing. After contributing to multiple websites for several years, he spent the next six years working at the head office of an automotive OEM, before returning back to the field he loves. He is a member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC), and Midwest Automotive Media Association (MAMA). He's the recipient of a feature writing of the year award and multiple video of the year awards.

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