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Our Rating4.1/5
Price$109,895 - $117,495
Engine4.4-liter turbo 8-cylinder
Power600–617 hp
Torque553 lb-ft


Ballistic performance, comfortable cabin, everyday usability


Needs a track to really let loose, a little too big to feel agile, pricing

Bottom Line

The BMW M5 is an executive express, quicker than just about anything else on the road but still capable of ferrying four adults in comfort (or five in a pinch).

2022 BMW M5 CS Review: An Exclusive Magic Show

The 2022 BMW M5 CS is the most powerful production Bimmer ever, and that is the least important factoid you need to know about this car.

The “regular” M5 Competition is hardly lacking poke. The sheer violence of that car’s launch is still embedded in my mind six months after we drove it. That beast was almost certainly spitting out more than the quoted 617 horsepower, just as I’m sure the supposed 627-horsepower CS is.

I get it. This will likely be the last purely combustion-powered M5, so the headline figure matters. But BMW has done so much more here than add a few extra heads to the corral. The 2022 M5 CS is a comprehensive rethink of the Bavarian icon: lighter, stiffer, and sharper. It comes attached to a frightening price tag, but if you want the best M5 of recent history, the CS is it.

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BMW M5 Competition vs Porsche Panamera GTS Comparison

Two driven axles, four doors, six-figure asking price, eight cylinders.

If you stopped counting right there, little would separate the 2021 BMW M5 Competition and Porsche Panamera GTS. Both of these big sedans are capable of frankly indecent amounts of speed, all the while cocooning four adults in a den of leather and comfort. They are the latest and greatest in the long line of sport sedans from their respective creators.

There’s another important number at play here, though: 164. That’s the amount of ponies the 453-horsepower Porsche gives up to its Teutonic rival. Oh, Porsche will sell you a few different Panameras that will eclipse the M5’s 617 horsepower, but if you’re looking to stay in roughly the same price neighborhood, its this GTS that comes closest. Those three letters typically translate to a sharper drive than regular Porsches, but without the ballistic firepower of the Turbo models—or the M5.

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Detailed Specs

Price$109,895 - $117,495
Engine4.4-liter turbo 8-cylinder
Power600–617 hp
Torque553 lb-ft
Fuel Economy (city/hwy)15 mpg / 21 mpg
Cargo Capacity14.0 cu ft

Our Final Verdict




Quality and Styling8.0
Value6.0 Staff Staff

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