These Are the Most Loved Car Brands, According to Consumer Reports Staff
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The 2023 Consumer Reports Annual Auto Surveys, encompassing over 330,000 vehicles, provide an insightful look into owner satisfaction across various brands. This survey considered vehicles from the model years 2021 to 2023, and in some instances, models from 2024. Averaging was applied to data from models that did not undergo significant changes during these years. Owner satisfaction scores were derived from the percentage of owners who would repurchase their vehicle, considering factors like price, performance, reliability, comfort, and enjoyment.

The Top 10 Brands Ranked by Owner Satisfaction

  1. Rivian: Leading the list with its R1S and R1T models, Rivian has emerged as the top brand in owner satisfaction, surpassing Tesla. It has garnered an 86% satisfaction score.
  2. Mini: Making a significant leap, Mini climbed 11 spots to rank second, demonstrating a notable increase in owner satisfaction.
  3. BMW: BMW maintained its position as a top contender in the satisfaction rankings, reflecting its consistent performance in meeting owner expectations.
  4. Porsche: Known for its luxury vehicles, Porsche continues to be a preferred choice, tying with BMW in satisfaction scores.
  5. Tesla: Previously leading the list, Tesla remains a strong brand in the top five, indicating sustained owner approval.
  6. Genesis: Genesis stands out with high satisfaction ratings, indicative of its quality and owner appeal.
  7. Lexus: Lexus, synonymous with luxury and reliability, continues to satisfy a large percentage of its owners.
  8. Subaru: As a mainstream automaker, Subaru has made its mark in the top 10, showing broad appeal among its customer base.
  9. Ram: Known for its robust vehicles, Ram's presence in the top 10 highlights its reliability and owner satisfaction.
  10. Honda: Honda rounds out the top 10, maintaining its reputation for building vehicles that owners are happy to repurchase.

Consistency Across Model Lineups

The survey highlighted that not all automakers have uniform satisfaction across their model lineups. However, brands that consistently please their buyers across various models tend to have a stronger track record in terms of redesigns and new model introductions. This consistency is a key factor in achieving high satisfaction scores.

Satisfaction in Specific Areas

Beyond the overall satisfaction scores, the survey also looked at how brands performed in specific areas such as comfort, driving enjoyment, cabin storage, usability, and ownership costs. These aspects play a crucial role in shaping the overall satisfaction of a vehicle owner.


The 2023 Annual Auto Surveys offer a detailed perspective on which car brands are most favored by their owners. This insight is invaluable for potential car buyers looking to make informed decisions based on real owner experiences.

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