Handy Infographics to Protect You and Your Family

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When you need car-related information quickly, a picture can be worth way more than a thousand words. That’s why we’ve put together six easily digestible infographics you can refer back to time and again, wherever you’re at in your automotive journey. PRO TIP: Save yourself time and stress down the road by downloading these infographics… Continue Reading...

Just Stay Calm: Tips For Parents of Teen Drivers

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You may find the idea of your teenager sitting behind the wheel of your car slightly terror-inducing, but you’ll actually increase the chances of an accident if you don’t allow them to practice. Driver’s education programs are an excellent place to start, but they may only amount to 7-10 hours of actual drive time. The… Continue Reading...

The TPX Laser Jammer Is the Perfect Gift For That Special Speed-Loving Someone

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Let’s be real; speed is fun. And while we of course can’t condone routinely, flagrantly ignoring the posted speed limit every time you get behind the wheel, we know how it goes. You take the long way home from work one day, hop onto your favorite local switchback, and decide to open ‘er up. Suddenly,… Continue Reading...

Driving Safely in Winter Weather – To Grandma’s House We Go!

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One of the joys of the holiday season is the opportunity to see family and friends that live far away. Unfortunately, this often involves more than a simple journey of “over the river and through the wood.” Crowded highways are the new normal, resulting in greater exposure to potential accidents. Many drivers will be travelling… Continue Reading...

Add Stopping Power and Style with Disc Brakes Australia’s Street Series

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When gearheads open their wallets and bank accounts for car upgrades, most of us have speed on the brain. New engine parts, power adders, and aero trickery are just a few of the categories we click when shopping for ways to improve our ride. But those of use with a few years behind the wheel… Continue Reading...