Half Of This Quarter's Jeep Wrangler Sales Were 4xe Hybrids

Stellantis, Jeep’s parent company, has published its first-quarter sales figures, and the results, for Jeep at least, are nothing short of shocking. There’s some pun intended there, as 50% of Jeep Wrangler sales were comprised solely of 4xe models- that’s the Wrangler’s plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) trim. By the end of Q1 2024, Jeep had sold 31,750 PHEVS, which on its own is up 47% from last year. Stellantis’ total PHEV sales jumped by 82% as a result. Of those 31,000-ish cars, a staggering 19,090 were Wrangler 4xe models- nearly two-thrids of all PHEVs sold by Jeep and half of all Wranglers for this quarter. Mind you, this isn’t a new trend, but rather a continuation of hte massive sales success of Jeep’s 4xe. Last year, 4xe sales were up 56%, and accounted for 43% of total Wranlger sales, per Stellantis and insideEVs.

The appeal of a plug-in hybrid off-roader is easy to see. Throwing massive tires, a lift, and a blocky shape with tons of holes in it through the air isn’t the most efficient thing. In fact, it’s downright bad for fuel economy, and a Wrangler has never really been thrifty at the pump. In addition to the obvious benefits of increased fuel economy, using the 4xe’s electric-only modes off-road is an entirely different experience, and one consumers evidently find appealing.

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Chase Bierenkoven
Chase Bierenkoven

Chase is an automotive journalist with years of experience in the industry. He writes for outlets like Edmunds and AutoGuide, among many others. When not writing, Chase is in front of the camera over at The Overrun, his YouTube channel run alongside his friend and co-host Jobe Teehan. If he's not writing reviews of the latest in cars or producing industry coverage, Chase is at home in the driver's seat of his own (usually German) sports cars.

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