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In 2023, American Honda reported a total sales volume of 1,308,186 units, a 33% increase from the previous year. This growth was distributed across different vehicle categories, with a 36.5% increase in car sales and a 31.3% increase in truck sales.

Breakdown of Honda and Acura Sales

The increased growth isn't just attributed to declining supply chain issues of the past two years either. The Honda brand experienced a 31.9% growth in sales, with a total of 1,162,531 units sold. Notably, the sales of electrified models, specifically the CR-V and Accord hybrids, contributed significantly, reaching a combined total of 293,640 units. The CR-V model recorded sales of 361,457 units, while the Ridgeline truck reached a sales figure of 52,001 units. The Civic and Accord models collectively accounted for nearly 400,000 units in sales.

Acura, Honda's luxury division, saw a 42% increase in its yearly sales, totalling 145,655 units. The Integra model led its segment with 32,090 units sold, and the combined sales of the MDX and RDX models approached 100,000 units.

Monthly Sales Figures

For December 2023 alone, American Honda reported 123,388 units sold, a 31.5% increase compared to the same month in the previous year. This included a 45.9% increase in truck sales and an 8.8% increase in car sales.

Strategic Commentary

Mamadou Diallo, Senior Vice President of Auto Sales at American Honda, credited the year's performance to the company's focus on appealing car models, an updated light truck lineup, and an expansion in hybrid-electric model offerings. Looking ahead to 2024, new models such as the Acura ZDX, Honda Prologue, and Civic hybrid are expected to maintain sales momentum.

Model-Specific Performance

Honda's Key Models

  • The CR-V emerged as Honda's top-selling model in 2023.
  • Sales of the Civic increased notably over the previous year.
  • The Pilot and Odyssey models also had increased sales in 2023.

Acura's Model Performance

  • Acura recorded its best passenger car sales since 2016.
  • The Integra model sold well for the past 15 months.
  • The RDX and MDX models both had notable sales increases in 2023.

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