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The Lexus TX is the brand’s latest SUV that focuses on passenger space, offering ample room in all three rows. It is available with a choice of three engines, including a range-topping plug-in hybrid option.

Think of the TX as an extra-long RX that will have more car-like handling compared to the body-on-frame GX or LX.

2024 Lexus TX Hands-On Preview: Three Row Luxury, With Optional Plug-In Hybrid Power

lexus tx review specs pricing features videos and more

The Lexus TX strives to give crossover owners the best of both worlds; luxury and passenger space.

Despite being a full-service premium automaker, Lexus’s absence in the three-row premium crossover market has been odd. The brand half-heartedly tried with the Lexus RX350L, but that crossover’s awkward styling and the tiny third row weren’t very threatening to the three-row offerings from Buick and Acura. Now, the stalwart Japanese brand has a credible attempt in the three-row crossover space – the 2024 Lexus TX.

The TX is decidedly different from the GX, which also made its debut at the same time. Whereas the GX’s truck frame and optional off-road goodies appeal to buyers in search of a more traditional SUV, the TX is all about passenger space and interior comfort.

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Detailed Specs


$53,700 - $71,300


2.4-liter turbo 4-cylinder / 2.4-liter turbo 4-cylinder + hybrid / 3.4-liter turbo 6-cylinder + plug-in hybrid


275 hp / 366 hp / 406 hp


317 lb-ft / 409 lb-ft. / N/A


8AT / 6AT



Fuel Economy


Cargo Capacity


Our Final Verdict

Lexus TX

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