Infiniti M-Based Mitsubishi Proudia and Dignity Revealed

Infiniti M-Based Mitsubishi Proudia and Dignity Revealed

It’s been years since Mitsubishi offered a luxury sedan, but the Japanese automaker has just brought back its Proudia and Dignity monikers, offering two luxury sedan models over in Japan. 

If the luxury sedans look familiar, they should. Based on the Infiniti M models, the Proudia is the standard model while the Dignity is a long wheelbase variant based on the Infiniti M35hL LWB that’s available in China. The two models are a result of an OEM deal with the Nissan Group and Mitsubishi didn’t do much to differentiate it from the existing M models. Changes include the automaker’s waterfall front grille, a different front bumper, and of course Mitsubishi badges.

For the Proudia, Japanese buyers can opt for either a 3.7-liter V6 with 328-hp in rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, or a 2.5-liter V6 with 222-hp in rear-wheel drive only. The Dignity comes in at 5.9 inches longer than the Proudia and has the same hybrid powertrain found in the M35hL LWB which is a 3.5-liter V6 paired to an electric motor for a combined output of 359-hp.

Based on current conversion rates the Proudia starts at $50,400 while the Dignity has a starting price of $105,200.

  • T. Roll

    Taking another company’s car is bad enough. Basically doing nothing original to it is worse. Looks like Mitsubishi is about to go belly up.

  • Guest from Europe

     well Nissan has taken some of I-MiEV products for domestic market(MiEV Cargo etc), I’d call this a fair trade, none of this would happen if it wasn’t for Lehmans.

  • Paul.

    How is it bad? It’s been done for years. Holden commodore/Toyota Lexen, Holden Nova/Toyota Corolla, and nothing bad has happened to them. Actually looks bloody nice. If they arn’t going to sell many of them, which they won’t, why spend half a billion dollars designing a car from the ground up? They won’t be able to recoup investments. 

    Would of been nice to of seen an 8A80 or 6G74/5 MIVEC make an appearance but again, too much money for not much return.

  • SpartanW

    These cars are specifically for Mitsu executives to have something to drive in. You can’t really buy them anywhere.

  • v

    May ve….but I like it!