Aston Martin Future Product Lineup Detailed

Aston Martin Future Product Lineup Detailed

Undoubtedly, the big news coming from Aston Martin this year will be the release of its new Vanquish model this fall. The British automaker plans to add some of its Vanquish technology to other models, but no real big changes will come from its lineup for the 2013 model year.

The automaker will continue to further its research in carbon fiber and other weight-saving technologies, while smaller, more fuel efficient engines could find their way into Aston Martin’s lineup. With the One-77 selling out this year, the new 5.9-liter V12 powered Vanquish will replace the DBS as the flagship coupe of the brand with 565-hp and 457 lb-ft of torque.

It is expected that in the near future the Vantage will get a slight performance increase on its V8 and V12 models, while the V8’s will benefit from the automaker’s new seven-speed transmission for the 2013 model year. Unfortunately the V12 Roadster is still not scheduled to make an appearance on American soil – just like the Cygnet model, but no one will be sad about that news.

As for the DB9, we can expect some of the Vanquish technology to trickle down onto it, while the Virage model could be updated with the 510-hp powerplant from the outgoing DBS. The British automaker has also moved assembly of its Rapide model to its home plant in Gaydon, England. A more powerful Rapide S model is also in the works, with at least 50 more horsepower.

And while there hasn’t been much news surrounding the Lagonda sub-brand, it is expected that an updated concept will make an appearance at next year’s Geneva Auto Show, and hopefully production will begin a few years later. The Lagonda sedan is still in the works, with the automaker hoping to increase the interior space of the larger sedan in order to offer an appealing model compared to the Rapide’s sportier design.

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