Fisker Karma Recalled to Fix Fire Concerns

Fisker Karma Recalled to Fix Fire Concerns

Uh oh. If this doesn’t cause Fisker Karma owners to be up in arms over their expensive purchase, we might be convinced that they’re the most patient, forgiving people on this planet.

Fisker Automotive Inc. has recalled every Karma sedan that’s on the road right now in order to fix a flawed cooling fan that was linked to a recent fire. And considering that it’s a $103,000 vehicle, this can’t possibly be going well with the limited number of owners Fisker has. According to the electric automaker, a fault in the fan in the car’s front left corner can overheat and cause a slow-burning fire – that’s exactly what happened to the vehicle in Woodside, California.

Even though it’s only about 2,400 cars being recalled, it’s the fact that Fisker has had its fair share of the spotlight over fire issues and concerns, and this time every vehicle is being recalled (again) to be repaired. Henrik Fisker, Fisker’s executive chairman, co-founder, and designer, said in a statement that the issue resulted from a “single, faulty component” and that the batteries, motor, and other electric components are safe.

Not that it’s reassuring, because at the end of the day, Karma owners can still have a burnt down vehicle in their driveways.


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