Nürburgring Lives… For Now

Nürburgring Lives… For Now
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The fate of the one of the world’s finest tracks was up in the air after the Nürburgring officially declared bankruptcy last month. Things appeared gloomy for the ‘Ring, and even Bernie Ecclestone was looking for a way to save it.

And for now, it shall live. The operators of the famed track apparently had accrued around $490 million of debt to a Rhineland-Palatinate bank, but a temporary reprieve has been granted from the Rhineland-Palatinate state legislature. For now, the ‘Ring has been approved for a $312 million loan guarantee, but all that really does is buy it some time.

But time might be all the Nürburgring needs. Ecclestone is probably not the only person interested in saving the ‘Ring; and if a few more investors could step up, it could find a way to continue its storied history for many more years to come.

[Source: Autoweek]