Bensopra Nissan GT-Rs Take Tuning to the Extreme: 2012 SEMA Show

Bensopra Nissan GT-Rs Take Tuning to the Extreme: 2012 SEMA Show

Last year, Japanese tuner Bensopra released an aero kit for the Nissan GT-R that made the word radical an understatement. Priced at over $50,000 with its massive spoiler, the Bensopra GT-R takes tuning to the extreme.

To make a statement at the 2012 SEMA Show, builders often look for the rarest parts available for their vehicle. So what could be rarer than a Bensopra-equipped GT-R on American soil? Surprisingly, two Bensopra GT-Rs made an appearance this year in Las Vegas, one built by Marc Arcenal and Fatlace, and the other by Ricky Kwan and The R’s Tuning.

The Fatlace GT-R, which can be spotted at the Falken Tire booth, takes a simple and clean approach, with a white and teal two-tone scheme while sporting a black and bronze combo of Work Wheels.

The R’s Tuning GT-R however, has been purpose-built to compete on the track, as owner and driver Ricky Kwan loves to put his cars to the test. To take the Bensopra kit to the next level, Kwan had his molded onto the body of the car, making it look seamless and factory before applying coats of bright red paint.

GALLERY: The R’s Tuning Nissan GT-R


GALLERY: Fatlace Nissan GT-R