2014 Mercedes S-Class to Feature All New Tech

2014 Mercedes S-Class to Feature All New Tech

Being the flagship sedan for Mercedes-Benz is a daunting task, and the German automaker is making sure its new 2014 model will live up to expectations.

For decades now, the Mercedes S-Class lineup has been on the forefront of technology, and the newest model will be no different. For starters, the new S-Class will be the first vehicle in the world to swap conventional light bulbs for LEDs, even on the base model.

Safety features are in abundance with the 2014 S-Class, including Active Seat-belt Buckle, Active Parking Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Beltbag, Night View Assist Plus and plenty of cameras and even radar technology.

The large system of sensors will be used by a variety of the S-Class features including the DISTRONIC PLUS with Steering Assist, helping the driver guide the vehicle in its lane and even follow the vehicle in front in slow moving traffic automatically.

“The intelligent assistance systems of the future will be able to analyse complex situations and recognise potential dangers out on the road with the aid of improved environment sensor systems even more accurately than today,” explained Mercedes-Benz board member Thomas Weber. “Figuratively speaking, the next S-Class won’t just have eyes at the front; it will have 360-degree all-round vision.”

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