Porsche Headlights Fueling Pot Farms

Porsche Headlights Fueling Pot Farms

Marijuana growing operations and Porsche Cayennes and Panameras might have more in common than you would guess.

Aside from being a popular outlet for the fistfuls of green their proprietors often end up with, the Porsche Cayenne’s headlights happen to also shed light well suited to feeding young cannabis plants. So much so, in fact, that it seems thieves in Amsterdam have taken to stealing them.

What’s more, a Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge just approved a class action lawsuit over the headlight’s design for being too easy to steal. If the late night comedy circuit hasn’t caught wind of this, their writers had better take note.

Last week alone, Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf reports that 20 Cayenne owners have found their headlights ripped from their SUVs.

[Source: De Telegraaf]

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     any other cars with the same xenon lights