2014 Jeep Cherokee Video, First Look

2014 Jeep Cherokee Video, First Look

With some polarizing style, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee debuted on Wednesday at the 2013 New York Auto Show.

The Cherokee is offered with either a 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 184 hp and 171 lb-ft of torque, or a 3.2-liter Pentastar V6 with 271 hp and 239 lb-ft of torque. The four-cylinder option is expected to get up to 31 mpg on the highway while the V6 is expected to be 30 percent more fuel efficient than the outgoing Liberty’s V6. Both engines are hooked up to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Check out our first look video below.

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GALLERY: 2014 Jeep Cherokee live photos


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  • Thanks for the nice quality videos, the best I’ve seen!

  • Chadbarnett8

    This should not have the jeep badge! Take this back across the ocean where it came from. What a shame. Jeep has lost my interest, and respect. Iconic and legendary Jeep is no more.

  • Patrick


  • bill_a_bob

    Looks like an Isuzu

  • Xanatos Ghadius-Carsten Omyda

    God its ugly. Fiat already destroying a good model. It looks like the Pontiac Aztek unborn, beat to death child.

  • Alohabrah

    If you want a vehicle li

  • Alohabrah

    If you want a vehicle like the old Cherokee, just get a Wrangler Unlimited.  Especially the Rubicon model for about $30K and some change.  Lots of aftermarket off road stuff for that.

  • Mulholland

    If I want a foreign vehicle I’ll but one. Don’t want a jeep that looks like it came from another country

  • Okyalos

    From another planet or from StarWars. Unacceptable. They are trying to marry gadget-widget technology with “style”.
    Let us hope another legend revives, say the International, if we really want to see a real car again, not a toy. Look what is happening with Indian Motorcycle Company. The new engine is ready! Why not a new Scout? Jeep is going to be history unless they reconsider …

  • Rick Defer

    What a piece of CRAP!!!! The Jeep brand is dead! 

  • Comtees

    this thing looks like crap!!!

  • Jjshbetz11

    Italy need to stick to Ferrari and cappuccino’s! Thank god my 2k xj is not in a junk yard. This is a joke and embarrassment. From Daimler junk to this junk. Nothing to see hear…….

  • I like the seats..

  • Rami

    RIP Cherokee … 🙁

  • Jeepers

    It would have to look A LOT better in person….Fugly…
    Looks like the old amphibious cars of the 60’s
    Swing and a miss!!!

  • trainman

    I can hardly wait to see what they’re going to do to the Wrangler.  This is certainly a step in the wrong direction for Jeep.  Reminds me of an article I saw a few days ago about Ford trying to Europeanize the Mustang.  This will only end in tears…

  • Lortsie

    Terrible. Absolutely terrible. From 2012/13 to this is like going from a rugged beast to a fugly soccer mom.

  • Okyalos

    Europeanizing any american car mirrors a tendency of changing culture. American cars have always had their own character which has nothing to do with fluffy designs. This comment of course does not apply to the legendary superb european sports cars, AR, Ferrari, Jag, Bristol, Morgan, MG, Healey, Aston Martin and others, even the fantastic Wiesmann. Now trying eventually to turn the already “degraded” Wrangler to a “fancy dressed top model” is going to be the decline and fall of the Jeep principle. Sorry Jeep, I kept my YJ and TJ, but I sold the shoebox-like  JK in “0” time.

  • Joneseric65

    Thank God I bought my Jeep Wrangler in 2010 no telling what’s next.  I say stop trying to copy other countries designs and come up with our own.  That’s what the Jeep brand was until now.  

  • Jmilg


    Been driving a cherokee for years now. always loved the new models in the last few years.

    This is just ridiculous. what an ugly jeep and terrible decision by jeep. ^Agree wit the soccer mom comment.

    Would not ever see me in one of those

  • Danrio5

    Thank goodness I bought my SWB Rubicon in 2005 and got the 6 speed gearbox with the cast iron straight 6 before they decided to put a minivan v6 aluminum block under the hood and ditched the metal fenders. I never bought this Rubi for on road use and the low end torque from the straight 6 is it, period. I’ve had CJs, YJs, and this 05 is the holy grail of the Wranglers, time will prove it. Worse, Jeep decided it was a nifty idea to move the Warnglers gas tank form the rear to high center position. This new Cherokee is not a Jeep, it’s another yuppiemobile!

  • Mike Wolverton

    That’s freakin Hideous.  I guess we’re not replacing our GC with a new one.

  • Dennis

    Way too ” yupped up” for my taste. Looks like about 10 or 12 other models on the road already.
    I guess the Tradition factor has come to an end for JEEP. Sad so sad…..The 2001 Cherokee is
    what a Cherokee is all about. A serious refinement with all upgraded innerds and a touch or two
    on the exterior is all Jeep needs to do and I’d bet thousands would rush to get back in a real
    Jeep like the Cherokee was. I search months on end for low miler, very equipped, Cherokee
    Limited’s in the 2000-2001 vintage and every decent one I find has literally Hundreds of views
    and brings $ 7500 to 8500 easy, even considering they are 12-13 years old. Bring the Box Cherokee
    back, Keep the CJ style as the Flagship, and do all the Luxury 4wheeling in the Grand Cherokee,
    with all the eye candy your designers come up with. As for the rest of the line…..WHY?…

    I’m blessed with a couple of vehicles, but my daily driver is a rugged 91 Cherokee Woody with
    238,000 miles and the head’s never been off, the tranny never touched except fluid changes, and
    4 wheel system(Select Tract) absolutely perfect. Guess I’ll put another 100K or so on it because it
    just feels good, fits me and that 4.0 is literally bullet-proof. Come on Jeep….make Jeeps again!

  • jcrm

    Wow it looks likes HOMER SIMPSON designed this new jeep, awefoul look! that its going to be a bad year for this line of jeep.  

  • Terrydwaters

    The Pontiac Aztec has been eclipsed. Who the hell is running Jeep design, Stevie Wonder?

  • Kdmeyer

    Haters get over yourselves. Jeep needed an entry in this segment and this Cherokee at least looks the part and has the necessary MPG. You want a Wrangler, buy a Wrangler. They have that. You want a Liberty, buy a Liberty. They have that. You want a GC…you get the idea. In this segment they need 30 mpg, 65 cu ft interior cargo space, sporty handling yet good ground clearance, and available awd. If Jeep can offer that plus differentiate themselves with better offroad cability than the competition they could have a winner. I own a TJ and bought a CX-5 last year. They both have their roles and I would not give up either. If this Cherokee had been available when I was looking, it would have been a contender.

  • SA

     this will fall flat on its face. its so ugly it makes a pontiac aztec look good. people that buy jeeps don’t want a little gas sipper that can’t climb over a curb stone, jeeps are niche vehicles and they are going to learn the hard way if they don’t provide to that niche they are in big trouble!

  • Roboverde


    As a 2011 JGC Overland owner I don’t necessarily disagree with the construct of your argument. Problem in my mind is, we could have all of what you say without making the drastic changes to body style. Why? What does that have anything to do with off-road performance (side angle entry my a**) or maintaining your niche market? This was someones inside job to make a name for him/herself. This is not differentiation, this is alienation. Just my opinion. 

  • Kdmeyer

    I think aerodynamics have a lot to do with it, that’s what they have to do to get the extra mpg. Details of the styling…the lights, okay…the character line in the door…yeah, maybe the most charitable thing to say is they are following the styling trend for this segment. But, honestly, I kind of like it.

  • Kdmeyer

    One more thought…the overall reaction from the Jeep community suggests this vehicle will not cannibalize sales of other Jeep models. 🙂

  • So pray-tell, what was to stop them from badeging it as a Dodge, or a Chrysler, or even a Ram? Why does it need to wear a Jeep Badge?
    I totally agree, Chrysler LLC WAS missing a vehicle in that market. But seeing as how the vehicle is actually a Dodge Dart underneath, it makes FAR more sense to badge it under the same brand, rather than attempt to force it down Jeep’s throat.

    Point blank, Jeep cars don’t sell. The Compass and Patriot are the modern examples but back in the 50’s Jeep made, well cars. They looked like Jeeps, but had none of the off-road prowess of their 4×4 lineup, and were quickly discontinued. The same issue is present here, the Compass/Pat don’t sell because they aren’t Jeeps, and are shitty cars to boot. Much as they try to dress it up, the new one is STILL a gutless car that cant wheel like a real Jeep can.

    Second point, the PR guys had to have KNOWN this redesign would have been met with howls of hatred from the diehards. So it blows my mind they went and did it anyway, and are now trying to cover their asses about it. Jeep fans are vocal as hell, and most have lost their lids over this. Bad marketing move right off the bat.

    So what do we have: A Jeep that’s been met with overwhelming criticism by everyday people, one that is frankly off putting as far as look, and is based on a car.

  •  Expensive as hell, Underpowered for how much WEIGHT its lugging, and too damned big to boot.
    The mark of someone who truly doesn’t understand Jeeping is to parrot that old, tired ass line.

  • Jetrainor

     well, if you arent already a liberty buyer then your not a new cherokee buyer….so what….i have a JGC overland….i didnt buy a different jeep model because i wanted a JGC but im not sure thatt qualifies me as a expert on all other models.

  • Jd

    put it this way, i bought a jeep not long ago, I wont be buying another, no matter who owns that company!

  • Jeepo

    Hideous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like a drug crazed  soldier on the attack !

  • jeephead


  • Les

    OlllllllO   The One.
    —   —

  • Ajrayzer

    No reason to hate. The interior is great. The exterior says “look at me”. The capabilities of the vehicle are great for 90% of people who are attracted to this segment, and there are two engine options. So really the only thing that’s wrong is the high-shouldered “squintiness” of the headlamps and the tail lamps. That is what is polarizing…. if they increased the vertical width of the headlamps and tail lamps to at least the crease line, I think they would have a styling winner without any “rice burner” design cues that doesn’t belong on any Jeep. Heck, make the lamps straddle the crease line and they would really have a design cue worth paying attention to.
    But please don’t act like every Jeep needs to be a Wrangler!

  • Seaquest1

    Butt ugly!

  • Rudy Casseo

    I’ve been waiting for this one !  MMMuah!   looks really neat.  and I’m going to buy one as soon as they start producing them.  😉

  • Paladinsguillotine

    This thing looks like a stretched-out gumdrop with Fetal alcohol syndrome on wheels!

  •  That was supposed to be in response to someone who suggested the 4 door wrangler as an option instead of the Jeep dart XL. not sure what the heck happened here.

  • Bulldognumba10


  • Oneunhappyjeepgirl

    Why is Chrysler ruining the Jeep? They are all UGLY!!! They need to start building the Jeep Cherokee like they used to! They all look the same now and are not versatile for off roading like they are meant! The automotive industry has really ruined vehicles with designing them all to look alike! Very disappointed! The real Jeeps are getting harder and harder to come by these days, build them as they should be and you’d be surprised the business Chrysler will have on their hands!!!!! I will keep just rebuilding and fixing my “97 Cherokee until I cant do it anymore because I’ll be damned I’d ever own such an ugly piece of crap!!!

  • Rockodilered

    Looks like a reef shark on Botox – UGLY!!!  I appreciate good gas mileage, but Jeeps should be powerful. I hated the V6 in my ’85 Cherokee, love the ultra dependable straight 6 in my last two Cherokees. The only model I will upgrade to when my ’01 finally dies is the Grand Cherokee.

  • Phillip Remondini

    its actually really nice